Amazon Prime’s latest is 'Mind the Malhotras'

Three children, an overbearing mother-in-law, a couple at the end of their tether and a therapist who’s milking every minute of their madness — Mind The Malhotras might be a remake of the Israeli comedy show, La Famiglia, but the themes portrayed are Indian at heart. “The show has been re-written to suit the Indian context, so what you will see on-screen is very organic and natural. Nothing seems forced,” says TV anchor Mini Mathur, who plays the female lead. “The issues that crop up and the overarching themes in the show are things everyone can relate to,” adds Cyrus Sahukar, Mathur’s on-screen husband. The duo stars as Rishabh and Shefali Malhotra who, after seeing things go awry for those in their friends’ circle, end up at the therapist’s in an attempt to head off anything similar coming their way. With nearly two decades of marriage to unpack, the therapist has his hands full.

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For Mathur, the show is also a ‘clutter breaker’. “We’ve only seen dark, heavy stuff so far. This a clean, happy family comedy that’s very relatable,” she says. The recently-released trailer — in certain parts — is a scene-by-scene replication of La Famiglia, but the dry, sarcastic humour that the former MTV VJs bring to the table are unmatched. Says Sahukar, “After a string of Indian web-shows dealing with violence, sex and drama, this 10-episode series about a middle-aged couple taking to therapy will definitely be like a palate cleanser.”

The show belonging to the family comedy genre has audiences comparing it with Modern Family. The trailer’s YouTube comment section is filled with accusations of the show being a ‘knockoff’, but Sahukar just laughs them away. “Well, it is adapted from a TV show, but just not the one they are thinking of,” he says, chuckling. “Maybe people think it is similar because it showcases how families deal with their dilemmas. Modern Family is shot more like a ‘mockumentary’, with characters directly addressing the cameras, and it also deals with an extended family.”

Web potential

The duo’s collective experience of 40 years in the television arena is what prompted them to jump at this opportunity. “This is a great time to be an actor. You don’t need to fit into boxes designated for you,” says Mathur, who makes her acting début with the show. “So far, there were two options for an actor — TV soaps or cinema. The former did not appeal to me, but now there are many possibilities thanks to streaming and OTT platforms. New content is being written for audiences who want to consume entertainment at their own pace and we don’t have to dumb down anything for them. That is very appealing for me,” she says.

It’s like potatoes, Sahukar chimes in. “Everybody likes their potatoes done in a different manner, right? Now instead of just two types, you have a lot more variety. That’s how much the way India consumes content has changed,” concludes the actor.

Mind The Malhotras is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video

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