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Meet the ‘Kaadhali’ trio

Pooja Doshi, Harish Kalyan and Sai Ronak get talking on films and their aspirations ahead of their forthcoming release ‘Kaadhali’

The idea of a triangular love story may be as old as the hills, but finds takers when executed well. Debut director Pattabhi R Chilukuri’s forthcoming film Kaadhali is steadily drawing attention with its refreshing promos and music.

Pooja K Doshi, who makes her Telugu debut, plays a Tamilian girl. With a tagline ‘Respect Her Choice’, the film explores her dilemma of having to choose between two men — played by Sai Ronak and Harish Kalyan.

Sai Ronak has films like Guppedanta Prema and Lanka to his credit, which helped him bag this role. Harish Kalyan made his debut in Tamil cinema in 2010 with Sindhu Samaveli and has films like Vil Ambu and Poriyaalan to his repertoire.

We listened in to the trio whose on-screen camaraderie spilled over effortlessly off screen.

Excerpts from the conversation:

Caught in a triangle

Pooja: I could relate to the innocence in my character. Not that I’ve dated two men. In fact, she doesn’t date both of them in a sort of conniving manner.

Sai: She meets both of them and takes her time to decide whom she wants to spend the rest of her life with. It’s an awkward situation for a guy when he learns that he’s one of the choices. But that’s the tagline – ‘Respect her choice’.

Harish: The girl is confused and needs time; the story is told from her point of view and doesn’t judge her.

Pooja: Almost till the climax I don’t realise that these two guys are fighting for me. It dawns on me when my friend tells me I need to take a call.

Camaraderie at work

Among the three, Sai speaks Telugu fluently. Harish, having watched Telugu films earlier, admits it was easy to learn the language. For Pooja, it was a different ball game.

Sai: Despite me knowing the language, as actors we were on the same boat. I tend to forget my lines at times and used to practice with Harish. Earlier I considered him a co-star and a friend, but he’s like my elder brother now.

Harish: Elder? No way. And by the way, not just Sai, I too turned language coach for Pooja.

Sai: She has amazing memory power, so invariably we ended up helping her.

Pooja: Thanks, that was so sarcastic. You know, I’d learn my lines but get tensed.

Harish: Just before the shot she’d ask ‘Harish, how does it start?’

Sai: Like parents who dote on their children and prompt them while on stage, we did that for Pooja. But having said that, in the film you can’t find out that she’s new to the language.

Harish: Yes, with her acting skills she overcame the language barrier!

Pooja: Songs were easy since I had the lines at least 15 days ahead. We shot a few songs in Sri Lanka and travelled to three cities in six days. It was hectic.

Harish: It was great fun.

Pooja: You guys were chilled out and had fun. I had more time in front of the camera. We were also shooting my solo song.

Harish: (tongue firmly in cheek) True, she was busy and tensed. So we ‘respected her choice’ and stayed away.

Looking ahead

Pooja: I never thought I’d debut in a Telugu film. My parents were against me venturing into films and me moving to Mumbai from Gujarat. I started off by acting in commercials and this film came along. It’s an amazing story and I couldn’t have asked for more. I was on Cloud 9 when Samantha had good things to say about me when she unveiled a song. I hope this film opens the door for better prospects.

Sai: Kaadhali isn’t a typical small film. It has an experienced technical crew and has good production values. It was a learning experience to work with director Pattabhi. He is punctual and expects the same from the cast and crew. I like the way he narrated each scene and gave us freedom to interpret it in our own way. I play a guy next door.

Harish: Oh no! You are the rich guy driving a Jaquar. That’s why we call you ‘swag Sai’! Talking about my role, I like the way I look on screen and have to thank director Pattabhi and cinematographer Shekhar V Joseph. In a couple of Tamil films, I had to wear darker make-up and look dusky. I could be myself in Kaadhali.

Sai: I am enjoying being an actor and learning along the process. It’s exciting to find work and see myself on screen. Eventually I want to explore Tamil and Malayalam cinema.

Harish: I took to cinema from engineering and have been a part of story-driven films in Tamil. Kaadhali is a more commercial outing. Music is also a passion and I play the keyboard, write and sing. When a star sings for a film, it adds value. Maybe when I’m more established, I’d sing for films.

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