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‘Kobbari Matta’ review: A good, time-pass entertainer

Sampoornesh Babu in a still from the film   | Photo Credit: By arrangement

First things first. Kobbari Matta is not a sequel to the slapstick comedy Hrudaya Kaleyam that released a few years back. Here, ‘Burning Star’ Sampoornesh Babu pulls off a triple role as grandfather Paparayudu, son Peddarayudu and grandson Androidu.

Director Rupak Ronaldson doesn’t waste a second to extract maximum entertainment from frame one to the last. By the end of the film, you wouldn’t remember any dialogue completely because there are just too many to remember and laugh.

Kobbari Matta means a coconut frond and the tagline ‘leaves of a family man’ indicates the protagonist’s innumerable family members and their progeny...some of them from his mistresses from different villages in Andhra Pradesh. To put it in a nutshell, village head Peddarayudu lives with his big family of three wives, four brothers and many sisters. A good Samaritan, he and his family are known for their relationships and affections. In almost every scene, the characters are shedding tears, either of happiness or sorrow; the melodrama and rhyming dialogues bring the house down. Also, the two avatars of Rayudu family reel out three-minute-long non-stop monologues twice, that draw whistles from the audience.

Kobbari Matta
  • Cast: Sampoornesh Babu, Shakeela
  • Direction:  Rupak Ronaldson

The conflict point in the story arises when Peddarayudu begets a son Androidu from his maid Shakeela who lives in their house. Scared of bringing ignominy to the family, he tells Shakeela to send their son off to the city and get him educated. The son arrives years later to claim his share of property that is being divided between Peddarayudu and his four brothers.

The first half of the film has wholesome entertainment marked by ridiculous scenes, cheeky and embarrassing dialogues that come in rapid succession. The second half gets a bit tiresome with repetitive scenes.

The scenes are absurd; even as one of Peddarayudu’s wives is dying of electrocution, there is an item number with his other wives. In another situation, the elder brother, in order to flaunt how close he is to his siblings, instructs them to share the same toothbrush and they all willingly do so. When one of his brothers gets married, he brings the entire family into the bedroom of the newlyweds saying, “deggara undi shubakaryam jarippidhamu” much to the chagrin of the bride who drives them out. Songs are good and the lyrics are hilarious.

Sampoornesh gets enough dances to show his talent and it is evident he has worked hard to shed his potbelly. Mahesh Katti shines as Kaamudu. Watch the film without expectations; the the film has no logic, so there is no scope to complain.

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