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Kiara Advani is confident about ‘Bharat Ane Nenu’

Kiara Advani will share the screen with Mahesh Babu in ‘Bharat Ane Nenu’  

It’s hot and humid on the sets of Bharat Ane Nenu but the atmosphere around Kiara Advani is cool. Her disarming smile, her willingness and a prompt ‘yes’ for an impromptu chat can be an interviewer’s delight. The Bollywood beauty is as excited as any newcomer. Even before her first film is wrapped up, she has been signed for Ram Charan-Boyapati movie and going by what one hears of her work ethics on the sets, she is sure to go places in the Telugu film industry.

Kiara means ‘god’s precious gift’, she shares and says that she made up her mind to be an actress at a young age. “I took part in plays in school and college and that is when I realised this is what I wanted to do. My parents told me to finish education and then do what interested me. This is what all parents say and I am glad that I did that. I took mass media and advertising in under-graduation.”

Working with A-league stars might look rosy for the general public but it is not really easy. The effort that actors put in to be what they are today cannot be measured. Kiara concurs, “People think it is such an easy life and you just go get ready and someone does your hair and make up and all you have to do is say a few dialogues. But there is lot more behind it. You are getting into a particular frame of mind to get into a scene, you have to get your emotion right. You need to have stamina to get that glamorous look and mentally you have to be focused, you have to be cut off from all problems around you at that moment. Acting has really disciplined me. For me acting is passion, emotion and creating the character and the whole world around the character. We enjoy all that. Sleeping on time, eating healthy, you are what your lifestyle is.”

Kiara observes that though acting keeps an actor on the edge, it also brings out the best in them. She points out, “It is good to have healthy competition and be inspired by others as all this helps you take up challenging roles. There are people who come from different backgrounds in this industry. In my case my mom runs a play school and dad is into business. When I go home, conversation revolves around that and lot more topics other than cinema.”

She adds, “When I am in Hyderabad, it is no different. I’m getting used to the media being present everywhere — clicking pictures at the airport, beauty parlour and gym. I keep getting fan mails asking me to show/ upload at least one photo with Mahesh Babu. We want to build the excitement, the little mystery. I wonder how it was when there was no social media..”

Kiara feels fortunate getting to work with people whom she grew up loving, like with Neeraj Pandey, Karan Johar and then Abbas Masthan. Getting such opportunities early in her career makes her feel lucky and making the most of that and taking it forward in every film is her dream. In fact she was getting a lot of Telugu offers before as well but at that time she had been busy with Bollywood projects. Kiara has a flair for picking up accents, even when she would learn her dialogues though she doesn’t know Telugu, she would get her accent right.

One notices that Kiara has good knowledge about Telugu films. She says, “South makes fantastic films with good production values, story writing and internationally, there is huge demand. It is sad when people say heroines have nothing to do in a star’s film. Look at Baahubali. For me, when I choose a script, being a glam doll is all right, but the character should go with the story.”

She finds Mahesh comfortable to work with. “He carries no baggage, is really chilled out and a team player. Today we had to finish five scenes and decided not to break for lunch and he was okay with it. He is absolutely professional and I really respect that and look up to him. He helped me here and there with the dialogues and is always laughing and joking. He only has to laugh and everyone catches on… he has that infectious energy.”

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