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The cinematic mantra this month seems to be KGF. There were whispers about the grand sets, the budget and how rocking star Yash was overworking and putting his all into this project that is now one of the most talked about films -- KGF Chapter 1. It is directed by Prashanth Neel and the best part is that KGF is not just creating waves in Karnataka, but across the country and also overseas. In a talk with MetroPlus, Yash confirms the film, which releases on December 21, will be screened in over 2,000 theatres on the national and international platform. The film will be simultaneously released in five languages. “We’ll be able to give you exact numbers on the eve of the release,” says the actor, who sits down with us after a tough press conference.. Questions were shot at him like sharp arrows from every corner of the room -- some flattering and some accusing him of “ignoring” the Kannada media, but Yash patiently answered each one with a smile.

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Your name has become synonymous with KGF. There is so much hype around the film, is that putting pressure on you?

Kannada got funk

I don’t take any pressures in life. It is no use getting tensed. Whatever I have sown in terms of hard work will lead to some results. When the result is out, all I can do is analyse where we went wrong or what we did right, could we have improvised it or not. As of now, all I am thinking about is the promotion and if I have conveyed the message about our work to people in the right manner. The shooting is done, now we just wait the for results as worrying is not going to make any difference. Yes, the curiosity about how people will react to the film is getting stronger as the D-day is approaching. All I can say on behalf of the team is that it is a genuine and an honest effort from our side.

KGF will have a sequel. What do you feel about that?

We have had ample films with sequels. It has been a successful model. If the audience likes the first part, they will automatically be drawn to watch the sequel. Even on television, if we like one episode, we wait earnestly for the next. Based on this aspect itself, we have many TV and digital series besides trilogies in cinema. The success depends on the content, depiction and portrayal of characters.

Where do you see Kannada films standing today on the national and the international platform?

Kannada got funk

Our intention with KGF is to reach out to these platforms. It is our effort to target that space and positioning. I hated it when people said our Kannada industry is small or limited. I believe no industry big or small. True, the industry has people who are into ‘big’ and ‘small’ works – with each putting in his best. So, you cannot blame the industry for what is happening. It is all about we the people, who work there together. We can join hands and work to change the perception of our industry. Today, with KGF we are able to do our bit in that respect. It has made people sit back and notice not just the film, but the Kannada industry itself.

What did you mean when you say you are also creating work opportunities for many with films like this?

Since KGF is a huge production, we needed that many people to work on every aspect of the film. Right from junior artistes to the man who served food, the film provided thousands with a livelihood, for months. I believe the kind of impact KGF will create in theatres will directly or indirectly influence their profession and the industry too. One Baahubali changed a lot for the Indian industry.

The manner in which we have positioned KGF before the release is also unbelievable. This, in turn, will inspire others to break our records. That will again inspire us to break their record. This way we will keep getting better as records are meant to be broken. This should be done in a genuine manner and not by criticising and pulling each other down.

Kannada got funk

Do you think technology and graphics distract people away from acting or narration on screen?

Not at all, in fact, I feel technology, graphics and acting go hand-in-hand. If there is no acting, but only technology in a film, it will not make any sense. Cinema is a visual medium and we need spectacular visuals to enhance a film. Finally, it is the content that matters most.

Future projects?

We have part KGF part 2 and Kirataka for which the shoot is on.

You kept saying the film is on par with international standards, what did you mean by that?

(Grinning) When I say international level, I mean for offshore audiences we are international actors. So when we are reaching out to them, we are on the international level.

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