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Bhushan Kalyan: In a creative space


Bhushan Kalyan is a discerning actor who is fascinated with the creative process of film making

Filmmaker Bhushan Kalyan

Filmmaker Bhushan Kalyan  

Your journey with Bhushan Kalyan begins as soon as you write a role for him. But just try to ask him to give some dates and step into a role like any mainstream actor and he will not do that movie. The theatre artiste, film maker and actor Bhushan Kalyan abhors prototypes. So if he has done a dean’s role in Arjun Reddy, it is only because director Sandeep Reddy Vanga had been discussing it since he conceived the idea and his role. “Once an actor tastes success, he wants to better the guy who is on the top and then again aim for something better than him regardless of whether he is doing justice to cinema. Cinema is not for the averagely educated, it is for those who adulate the heroes and that is why the writing is centred around appeasing them. Right now there is a very small forum that you can address as a film maker.”

Bhushan started off with theatre in Delhi, Chennai and Hyderabad when he was 15 or 16 years old. Once he started working with films, was very little theatre took a back seat and he got involved with writing, directing and being part of a creative process. Bhushan reminisces about his transition from stage to films. Since his father was from the Air Force, he had the privilege to travel extensively and also grew up in a modern Indian atmosphere. His mother is a Telugu woman and dad a Tamilian. “By the time I passed from school I had decided I was going to be an actor, though I dabbled with accounts. When I was looking for a career in FTII, there was no acting in their curriculum. Then I went to school of drama in Delhi and that was in a limbo state. I thought of America but felt I would have been given a degree and would be pitted against whites in a white country. Then I trained with Shyam Benegal and he gave me an insight into creative film making. The generation after me has been more fortunate; those days even television was restricted to only Doordarshan. At that time I moved into working behind the camera.”

He has acted in six or seven films, directed two serials including Auto Stand, a series on auto rickshaw drivers. He also launched Amala back on television in a television show titled Uyirmei in Tamil, in 2014.

Having settled in Chennai why did Bhushan not use the contacts for an acting career? “When I was young, director Bharati Raja said I don’t have the nativity for a role. Rajiv Menon said he was casting Prabhu Deva and Aravind Swamy, ‘where am I going to cast you?’ As I’ve grown older and more matured, I understood a few thingsstraight forward commercial acting is good, but something about the character should challenge you. At a particular age when someone sees you, they create images in their head for themselves.”

Bhushan Kalyan enjoys the journey of film making. His wife Priya V is a main stream filmmaker who has made Kanda Naal Mudhaal and Kannammoochi Yennada; her next film is due to go on sets. He contributes story and screenplay for her. He stresses that by the time he is 60, he will make those five films he always wanted to do. “Sixty is the age where you have to reinvent yourself in terms of thought process and in terms of exposure and experiences in life.”

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