‘He is the truth in my life’: Amala Paul opens up on her current boyfriend

Amala Paul says she was “a rebel without a cause and it was love that healed me”   | Photo Credit: Twitter/ Amala Paul

Actor Amala Paul put speculations about her personal life to rest after confirming that she is “seeing someone”.

In an interview with Film Companion ahead of the anticipated release of her upcoming movie Aadai, Amala said that she consults her film choices with her partner before giving her approval.

“After I heard the Aadai script, I shared it with him first. The first thing he told me was that I needed to really work on myself if I was going to do the film. He told me that I had to be at my 100 per cent physically and mentally,” Amala said.

When asked if she shared all her acting decisions with her partner, Amala spoke effusively about him. “Absolutely. Because the person I’ve become, and the way I look at my work now... I owe it to him. I was a rebel without a cause and it was love that healed me. True love healed me,” Amala said.


The actor gave away very few details about the person's identity but revealed that her man had sacrificed in life to support her passion. “I used to think that only a mother could provide unconditional love and make sacrifices. But this man proved it that he can too. He had to sacrifice his job, his career to be with me and to support me... he knows my passion and he appreciates that. He stands by my side and he’d tell me my flaws,” she added.

Amala Paul was earlier married to filmmaker Vijay, with whom she had worked together on films like Deiva Thirumagal and Thalaivaa. After two years of marriage, the couple decided to seek divorce reportedly after a difference of opinion regarding Amala’s choice to continue acting after marriage. Vijay got re-married recently to a doctor R. Aishwarya in a private ceremony in Chennai.

On her partner’s significance with regards to her own career, the actor said, “We actors have a big problem. We have a lot of insecurity and we are fragile. We surround ourselves with people who praise our ego and lie to us... till that moment you realise that these people are not helping you get ahead. Those people were just praising my ego. They were not giving me the truth. They were not giving me the right criticism, and this man came and he just ripped me apart.”


The actor narrated an incident when her partner pointed out that she had to work on her acting skills. “He saw my earlier films and told me that I was such a sh***y actor.. (laughs)... He told me he was surprised that I was still surviving in this industry despite not taking care of myself and not working on my acting. He told me that this was not how things worked. He opened a third eye for me,” she added.

But the actor teased us all with this parting comment, “He is the truth in my life.”

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