Sushant Singh Rajput on Dhoni biopic

Sushant Singh Rajput and M.S. Dhoni during a promotional event in Ranchi on Sunday.

Sushant Singh Rajput and M.S. Dhoni during a promotional event in Ranchi on Sunday.  

MS Dhoni: The Untold Story has been an enriching experience for Sushant Singh Rajput. The actor, who has portrayed the star player in the forthcoming Bollywood biopic, says he has improved his game and is loving the journey. The actor talks about his upcoming movie which will hit the screens on Friday.

How well do you know M.S. Dhoni now?

I knew him fairly well before the film. While making the movie, I got a chance to observe him closely. Once he agreed to the biopic, he was very honest and patient, answering all the questions. He remained equally involved throughout the project and while promoting the film.

But if you ask me how well I know him beyond the film, I have to say, very little.


Because he doesn’t carry a phone. Seriously! Of course, he has people taking care of all his communication work. But he doesn’t personally carry a phone. And he doesn’t socialise either.

You’ve been promoting the movie. Are you enjoying the process?

Yes, especially when I am with the real Dhoni. We recently visited the great Rajinikanthji. I was simply bowled over by his humility. So yeah, it’s enjoyable, except when sections of the media don’t get my point.

What do you mean?

I take great pains to explain how important this film is for me, and why. And what do I see? Headlines about my relationship status.

So why answer personal questions?

My team asked me if I’d answer personal questions. I agreed since I had been open about my relationship in the past. But now I find the talk about my personal life superseding my opinion on the film. I find myself speaking for 44 minutes on Dhoni and one minute on my personal life. But it’s that one minute that gets highlighted.

The film is looking every bit as exciting as the man’s life and career?

I hope so. I’ve given all of myself to the film.

I believe you wanted to be a cricketer?

I wanted to be a cricketer. But I was not skilled enough to be a national-level cricketer. Now after the film, I play better cricket. I didn’t want to look like I was just faking the moves in the field. I had to convince myself that I was this guy who I had watched and admired for 15 years. It was quite a journey.

So how did the journey begin?

Even before the script was ready I was looking at Dhoni’s videos, over and over again.The intention was to understand the way he thought, moved and behaved. I had to get my posture and thought process in place before we started shooting.

For 12 months I trained on the field to feel like a professional cricketer. After 4-5 months the analyst came on board and we began working on the specific shots on the field. By the end of it, I was playing like Dhoni.

You felt like you were Dhoni?

I wanted to play like him. But I didn’t want to imitate him. I didn’t want to consciously pick up those nuances in Dhoni’s personality that people immediately identify with him. I wanted my performance to grow organically.

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