Jamming their way to fame

Alt Nights at Monkey Bar (Indiranagar) recently hosted D’s Kitchen. What began as a college band has turned into a professional venture with consecutive tours and albums. The expression of music that they play is described in a phrase called “emotive instrumentation.” The instrumentals give a direct and clear picture of the emotional state of the band.

The boys at D’s Kitchen play a lot of Indies and have the perfect amount of rock ’n’ roll infused. There is Rohit Kamath (vocals and lyrics), Madhusudhan Raman (drums), Vaibhav Kumar (guitar and he is also latest addition to the band), and Nipun Narayan (bassist). During an interaction with Metroplus, the boys reveal their dreams and future plans.

In 2014, Vaibhav started the band with his college-mate, Madhu. After listening to Rohit sing, the band just had to rope him in. Vaibhav still thinks he is one of the best singers he has ever known. The boys aim to establish a worldwide fan base and live out all the rock star dreams they have had ever since their childhood. On what’s cooking, Vaibhav adds, “Usually, plans of world domination and how we can up our game and take it all, one step forward, each time.” On what the name of the band means, Vaibhav explains, “our first bassist came up with the name and we just thought it had a nice ring to it.”

The Bengaluru-based group started out with small shows. But unlike most other bands, “we entered the college circuit only in our second year, to make sure we had enough money to record our first album,” says Madhu. D’s Kitchen recorded its first album, Light Does Echo, and went on to play two tours last year. “Most often, it starts with me coming up with a riff which is always heavily influenced by how I feel at that moment due to whatever circumstances in my life at that point. If I think the riff is nice, I show it to the guys and we sit down together and finish the song. Rohit writes the lyrics and the vocal melodies,” elaborates Vaibhav on the creative process.

On the challenges front, Rohit said they have been numerous, “like budgets, landing multiple shows in a month, considering the seasonal nature of this industry, and reaching out to the wide range of audiences. What is important though is that we have focussed very little on these challenges and prioritised making good music. Hopefully, that is all that matters.” On the frequency of rehearsals, he adds, “We jam for close to six hours over the weekends and when possible during week nights as much as possible. Eventually, we will probably get good at getting good.”

Nipun, the latest entrant, says, “the internet has served as a boon to us, as artistes. It has helped us stay in touch with our fans and keep them updated about the stuff we are working on, what has been happening with the band and how life looks from our point of view. It has helped us discover a whole new fan base we never knew existed, who, I might add, apart from the music, know each of us on a much more intimate level now.”

The boys are currently gearing up for their second album, This Side Of The Border. It releases on August 2. They are also working on two music videos for the two singles, releasing sometime in July. “We will definitely be aiming at a second India tour and then try to tour abroad. The plans are all laid out. We are dead serious about our music and our band,” Vaibhav signs off.

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