'If somebody is in danger it doesn't matter how much you hate them, you've got to be human,' says Bigg Boss contestant Kasthuri

Kasthuri Shankar   | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

Bigg Boss wild card entrant Kasthuri Shankar is known for her bold and snarky Twitter persona. The same was expected of her in the show by the makers Bigg Boss. She speaks to The Hindu about the show's ideology, expectations, reality and more...

How did you feel when you got out of the show?

I won't lie. It was a mixture of emotions. I was relieved and elated. Relieved because I wanted Cheran to stay inside. I thought it was going to be Cheran or me. Based on what I had seen outside, I knew that Sandy and Tharshan were hot favourites. Once I went inside the Bigg Boss house, I realised it's not just the people outside who love them. They are hot favourites inside and out.

Why did you agree to participate in the show?

It is not a show that I have not been offered in the past. Everybody thinks they can be different from others. I went in to see if I can follow a certain discipline for myself. I found reserves of patience and clarity within me.

After three years of refusing Bigg Boss, I went in this year because I finally had some free time, they made me an offer I couldn't refuse and I wanted to test myself.

Were you the same person you are on the outside within the Bigg Boss house?

Even Kamal Haasan said it, he said that Ravikumar has said it. None of these people know Kasthuri inside Kasthuri's house. All they know is a Twitter feed. They only know "brand Kasthuri". I write about football (on Twitter). Does that mean I have to go play football inside the house?

Kasthuri has the reputation of being a bold voice, someone who doesn't mince her words in critiquing anyone regardless of their power or stature. I'm always that bold person. Writing a critique and comment on Twitter doesn't mean I will answer to mentally imbalanced observations inside the house.

When I had to stand up for people I did and vociferously, may I add. There was a huge face-off that at this point nobody has seen. I'm not in charge of what you get to see.

Kasthuri Shankar

Kasthuri Shankar   | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

Why do you think they didn't show such clips?

Half the stuff I saw was people ridiculing me in my absence. It isn't even like they are having a conversation with me. They are having opinions in my absence.

I sing a song. It went a long way in establishing Kasthuri as completely off her rocker. But where is the context? I was trolling Kavin and Losliya and Bigg Boss trolled me instead. I take it because I signed up for it. I was singing to the bathroom camera, they were outside doing what they always do. I literally came in and said, "Ayo! Losliya ve kaapathu paa" (save Losliya) and asked him to play this song in the morning instead before singing the song.

I'm known for that kind of snarky humour and I did roast people inside the house. Perhaps the object of my offences is probably a 'protected species'. I feel like I took on people that cannot be touched.

Why has Bigg Boss descended to being a magnifying glass for only the false of people?

They celebrated misogyny and they still do.

Do you think people expected 'brand Kasthuri' to be something 'Vanitha-esque'?

I don't know about the people but the show and the makers were definitely expecting some kind of vitriolic personality based on the content of my Twitter feed. They were completely misguided.

If you are a Twitter follower of mine you will see that out of 10,000 tweets, three of them which are probably political comments or criticisms, will make controversy because those are the ones making it to the news.

Any thoughts on the tiff between Kavin and you?

I'm not someone who takes things lying down. But you have to pull punch first. If name callers only have the guts to talk behind my back I can't do anything about it.

When Kamal Haasan was asking Kavin why those guys were dead set against me in the first week of the show, that's when I realised these guys were speaking ill of me behind my back.

Did you sense Kavin's hostility when you were in the Bigg Boss house?

Absolutely not! He was super sweet face to face. The only hostile moment was when he said don't talk to us. But after that he was super nice. He said he thought wrongly of me and he apologised. Kavin is an interesting person. It is unfortunate that he is not interesting on his own.


Kathuri Shankar

Kathuri Shankar   | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

Can you speak about your altercation with Vanitha?

I think my barbs were a little high-brow for people to understand. The Vanitha incident is a perfect example. At worse, I'm being passive aggressive and asked her if she had a problem. But with her emphatic no she proved that she did. I don't think she even realised what's going on.

How did you feel when the Madhumitha eviction took place?

That's when my heart broke. It's hard for me to talk about it. At the end of the day, I expect basic human decency. The first priority in my head was to get medical help. If someone I completely hate does something absolutely stupid and dangerous my first instinct is to get help. My second instinct is to tell them to never do that again. We can worry about who is right and who is wrong later. Ridiculing them, jeering them, going on a mutiny against them, targeting them, isolating them, driving them to a point of insanity is not something in my books. If somebody is in danger it doesn't matter how much you hate them. You've got to be human.

When Madhumitha made it clear in no uncertain terms about how she felt (about the housemates) while on stage with Kamal Haasan sir, people inside the house were discussing how they would be portrayed.

Who do you think will win?

Winning is not everything. The destination is important, but the path to the destination is important as well.

Any movies in the works?

My immediate releases are Thamizharasan and Velvet Nagaram. There are a few other projects that I'm starting this month. Other than that I have an education project that has nothing to do with movies.

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