Our health and well-being are interdependent, says Karunasagari, and we need to come together to get through this period

Tips from ancient Tamil literature for troubled times

R Krithika
Kuchipudi exponent Deepika Reddy and her daughter Shloka Reddy

covid-19 How Kuchipudi exponent Deepika Reddy is appealing for empathy towards doctors fighting Coronavirus

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A file photo of dancers during a performance

Battery Dance TV connects with the dancers during the lockdown

Special Correspondent
A dancer wearing a mask frames the Colosseum, in the background, that has been closed in Rome

How art continues to heal and connect in the time COVID-19

Chitra Swaminathan
A file photo of students of Kattaikuttu Gurukulam performing a scene from the play, ‘The Magic Horse’, in Kanchipuram

At their expressive best

Rupa Srikanth

Shambhauvi Shukla is staying true to tradition

Nrityacharya Jatin Goswami, Prof. Pradip Jyoti Mahanta, Bayanacharya Ghanakanta Bora and Dr. Arshiya Sethi discussing Sattriya traditions

Sattriya: Past forward

Shrinkhla Sahai

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