When Gangavva hosted CNN at her village

CNN’s brand-new, cross-platform series Tech for Good will showcase life-transforming technologies that are helping people overcome personal hurdles and take their passions to new heights. Featured among the five artists who have harnessed the power of technology for their creative expression, will be the Indian YouTube ‘mega-star’ Gangavva. whose life changed after she started appearing in the YouTube video channel ‘My Village Show’ which has more than 1.58 million subscribers and more than 34,62,35,365 views.

‘My Village Show’ and 58-year-old Gangavva are familiar names to those following Telugu YouTube comedy channels. Gangavva had started with guest appearances on Srikant Sriram’s short films. That was in the year 2012. Then she started to get noticed for the roles she played on YouTube. Observing her confidence with the camera and her flair to enact whatever role she was asked to play, Srikanth Sriram decided to rope her in for reaction videos.

When Gangavva hosted CNN at her village

Srikanth says, “It was in 2015. Reaction videos were then a trend and I decided to try out Gangavva’s reactions to headphones, speakers, Private schools versus Government schools etc. Finally, we did a reaction piece to Village Internet Problems in 2017. That video went viral and she became an overnight sensation. It has 26,000 views and got us a lot of subscribers.”

CNN’s team spoke to her and the ‘My Village Show’ team at length for an insight into their working process.

Until three years ago, Milkuri Gangavva had been a farmer in Lambadipally village, 200 kilometres from Hyderabad. She worked at tilling the ground, sowing seasonal produce (ranging from rice to turmeric), and even working on her friends’ and neighbours’ farm as barter labour. All this, until she appeared on YouTube. Now, Gangavva is a celebrity.

Watch: 'My Village Show' Gangavva goes global

A bit of showbiz

While in her village, friends of Gangavva’s grandchildren request to meet her and spend time with her, several actors from the Telugu entertainment industry have met her and invited her to their sets. Amongst all the actors from the Telugu film industry who does Gangavva likes most? “Everyone is equal to me; they all receive me with affection and I would like to give that affection back to them. Whenever I visit a set, the actors come and hug me.”

When Gangavva hosted CNN at her village

She continues, “Everyone makes sure I am treated well and don’t face a discomfort of any sort. I am the same person I was when I was not acting for YouTube. Only my role has changed now. I love doing everything. I love to work in my fields, to cook at home and also act. My favourite actor is Srikanth (Sriram).

This senior YouTube sensation who bagged a role in Raj Rachakonda’s Telugu film Mallesham (2019), will be in the company of personalities across the world on CNN’s show.

Tech for Good will be aired on August 8, on CNN at 11am and 03.30pm. Repeat telecast on August 9 at 7.30am, 10.30am and 10.30pm

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