'Bigg Boss' contestant Sherin says, 'Somewhere in the middle I couldn’t differentiate between my dreams and reality'

Sherin Shringar from a photoshoot at the Bigg Boss house.  

How do you feel now that you’re out after all these days?

I feel a little normal today. I just think I needed to get home to my bed, my dog and my life. But there has definitely been a Bigg Boss hangover. It has been a little difficult from at least to readjust to the real world. To separate the real from the reality tv.

Do you think it was one-dimensional to only describe you as angel?

Definitely. There is a more naughty side to me that wasn’t discussed. But I wouldn’t reveal it on a reality show either. It is saved for very close friends of mine. Sakshi and Abhirami are kind of aware of the naughty side to me. When I say naughty I don’t mean I harm anyone in any way, but a lot of girl talk.

There’s a very funny side to me, and I can throw a tantrum at times when I’m around people who love me. I get a little difficult with them. I’m not sure if that side was revealed.

How did you deal with all the emotions that were being thrown at you?

It is very easy to quickly react. But it is very difficult to see where they are coming from. That’s the most important part of life, to see where the person you are speaking to is coming from. Once you sit down, analyse why a person is saying a certain thing, it gets a lot easier to just accept it. You don’t have to react at all sometimes when it isn’t necessary.

Isn’t it hard to be rational in such situations?

It is. The house is actually designed to make a tunnel vision. To actually exaggerate every situation and every emotion that you feel over there. So every little reaction that comes out of you is an exaggerated one. I really doubt anyone would actually react in such an exaggerated manner outside the house.

Somewhere in the middle I couldn’t differentiate between my dreams and reality. I would go to sleep and I would dream of the same contestants, same house, same tasks and I would wake up and it would be happening. I wouldn’t know where I was. What happens is that there is absolutely no mental stimulation of any sort. It is just this house, the contestants and the issues over there. It’s quite a twilight zone.

Sherin Shringar in the Bigg Boss house during the show.

Sherin Shringar in the Bigg Boss house during the show.  

Were there any on-call therapists?

Yes there were on-call therapists and doctors. Anything to do with mental health was taken care of. I never did visit the therapist because I never found the need to. There were people in the house whom I could speak to and ‘Biggie’ is actually a great listener. If you can go and speak to him that’s enough. His voice is so reassuring I’d feel like I could go back and do another hundred days.

Why did you feel you were not included in the ‘We are the boys” gang and why did it affect you so much?

I really don’t know. But even if they had included me in that, in the whole sweatshirt scenario, I would have probably told them that there are other house mates and isolating them is also not good. No matter who is being isolated I don’t think it’s fair. We are actually living there as a family and we all love each other. We were extremely there for each other and we cared for each other. So when this thing happened I couldn’t understand why I felt and was being isolated. I was great with everyone and everyone was great with me. I find it very hard to understand things that I would never do. But I could let that particular wave of emotion go away only because I was being logical with myself.

Sandy kept saying he was targeting you towards the end. What did you feel about that?

I actually haven’t seen the episodes but I have an image of everyone in my head and I really don’t want to spoil it in any way. But this is definitely something that I have been told, that Sandy and Kevin were openly targeting me. At the end of the day it is a game. And inspite of the targeting I still came to the finals. That speaks volumes of support and love I had coming from the outside and that’s all that matters. I had shone all by myself. I was an individual in that house.

Can speak about your relationship with Tharshan?

Tharshan was amazing and we had a very nice friendship. We both supported each other every time we needed it. We helped each other when we were emotionally down. There were times when he couldn’t sleep and I stayed up with him and talk to him all night about what’s going on and there were times when he did the same for me. We were each-other’s confidantes in the house. Our relationship was completely independent of everyone else’s relationship and that’s what made it so beautiful.

When Tharshan got out, why did you feel it was your responsibility to give him your spot in the finals?

On the second or third week when Tharshan and I started bonding I saw something very beautiful about him. For some reason, which even I cannot explain, I knew he would win it. So throughout the process I was trying to build him up in every little way I could. I expected him to win the title. So when I ended up going to the finals and he didn’t I was really hit by survivor’s guilt. Honestly it really broke me.

Sherin Shringar in the Bigg Boss house during the show.

Sherin Shringar in the Bigg Boss house during the show.  

How did you feel about Vanitha Vijayakumar’s accusation of you and Tharshan having an affair?

Had Vanitha just independently spoken to me about it telling it looks like I’m having an affair with him, I would have been happy to sit with her and speak about it. To put some sense and logic into her telling her it’s completely uncalled for. But this went on for about three weeks. She constantly kept attacking mine and Tharshan’s relationship. Every little thing I would do for him was blown out of proportion.

I was continuously telling her, “I don’t want you to talk to me about Tharshan anymore.” Maybe to get a reaction out of me she used the word 'affair'. It is such a strong word and I don’t think it should be used for someone who is not actually doing it. And even if they are it is their personal choice. It is something that happens between two consenting adults and nobody should have a say in it except the people affected by it, not a third person.

What are five things that describe Sherin?

  • Naughty
  • Funny
  • Forgiving to a fault
  • I don’t take things too seriously
  • Incredibly loyal

What is something that you can’t live without?

I don’t think that’s a thing anymore. There was a time, before I entered the house, there were things I couldn’t live without. But after having spent 105 days over there I think there isn’t anything I cannot live without.

How hard is it to speak in Tamil 24/7 when you’re not used to it outside the house?

It was very hard the initial few weeks. It was harder because I couldn’t understand a lot of things being said and needed translation for it. I couldn’t understand references and jokes. I felt like an outsider too. I would annoy everyone in the house to teach me words and tell me what they meant. I made a lot of effort.

But as time passed by it became a habit. If I was speaking in English, it started to feel unnatural at a certain point of time. There was a point of time when I was writing a letter for an anonymous question and I had forgotten a word. The word I was looking for was ‘the’!

What are in the cards for you now?

I’ve just come out and it has been a little overwhelming dealing with the crazy amount of love coming from my supporters. I think the next two months are booked out with store openings and what not.

People have already started talking about projects to my manager. With movies, I want to be an integral part of it and not just act.

Apart from that you’ll be seeing me a lot more in commercials. I’m looking at doing a web series of my own.

My DJ-ing will of course continue because it’s my first love. I’m going to give it a lot of attention.

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