Lockdown art: The view from my window

Smishdesigns, Political Illustrator

Medium: Graphic design

As I look outside my window, I see a giant Corona monster in the grim sky, staring at us all, waiting to prey on us. The streets are all empty, painted by a deafening silence amidst the uncertainty. The rules of human interactions have been altered, thanks to this virus beast, and words like social distancing, self-quarantine, sanitise have become the new norm. It’s best to stay indoors.

Lockdown art: The view from my window

CP Krishnapriya, Artist

Medium: Watercolour

There is an old Murunga tree in the garden that I can see from my window. Not just now, during the lockdown, but even on other days. It gives me immense pleasure to see fresh green leaves in its branches, that on some days bloom with bunches of small white flowers. It attracts a lot of activity, from bees of different kinds, butterflies, caterpillars, small birds and even chipmunks.

But now when I see this tree, I am distracted by the images I see in the news and how privileged and safe I am. And how vulnerable we all are.

Lockdown art: The view from my window

Mihir Balantrapu, Illustrator, The Hindu

Medium: Digital Painting

Move over, The Sun. The Coronavirus has taken over, and governs our daily lives.

(Flora exchange a silent handshake with the new ruler in the sky.)

Meanwhile, the lockdown-riddled urban landscape has merged into a monochromatic backdrop, seen by each individual as ‘other buildings that aren’t home’.

In the foreground of the future, humanity has mutated (transformed) itself, grittily crossed the canyon of the lockdown, and climbed its way to new greener pasture, and struck a new fountainhead for life. The stream trickles down and the lifeblood of the economy slowly resumes irrigating our city.

The lockdown makes you take a less mundane and more poetic view of everything, unfortunately.

Lockdown art: The view from my window

Ashwathy Menon, Former Illustrator with Karadi Tales

Medium: Pen and ink

This view is something that I look forward to during this lockdown episode of ours. It gives me a little hope that there is some light at the end of the tunnel. When we were young, we had an evening routine of feeding the birds. This is something that I have grown up watching. My grandmother used to feed them and the birds would visit us every evening. This sweet gesture started to fade in the past few years and recently — during this time of lockdown — they have started to come back to visit us again.

There are different kinds of birds that visit us everyday — in different sizes and colours. They spend some time hopping around in our backyard, eat what we give them and go back happily once they are done. I watch them from my window with a cup of coffee in hand and a peaceful mind.

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