These women artists go with the ‘FLOW’

The Promise of a New Sun by artist Shivani Dugar

The Promise of a New Sun by artist Shivani Dugar | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

Each artist showcased at FLOW by KYNKYNY Art Gallery boasts a different style and tone, to say nothing of their media and theme. Two Bengaluru-based artists talk about their work and journey in the art world.

Nidhi Mariam Jacob

For Bengaluru-based artist Nidhi Jacob, her love for the great outdoors manifested itself in her art. “I have been doing botanical art for as long as I can remember. I come from from a family of nature lovers and in my childhood, we loved being outdoors, watching things grow. When I was younger, I would attempt to capture a realistic painting of something in Nature,” says Nidhi, adding, “As I began to develop my style, I started feeling I wasn’t doing justice to Art or Nature by trying to make it true to form.”

Artist Nidhi Mariam Jacob

Artist Nidhi Mariam Jacob | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

With this realisation, Nidhi began to depict what her mind saw instead of what her eye took in. “My work is my version, my interpretation of a sunflower or tree or plant. I started forming this whole style of painting dense gardens — they are not realistic. Sometimes the flowers are blue or completely made up like a combination of a rose and a sunflower.”

“There were times when I’d wake up and remember a garden scene from a dream which I’d quickly draw. They are more like a fantasy series of gardens than realistic ones.”

Though she has been painting for years, Nidhi believes she came into her own over the past six years. “I finally found the right environment for myself to put my work out there more confidently, even though I’ve been painting since I was five. I’ve painted on all kinds of surfaces — fans, trunks, faces, bodies, walls — for friends or anyone who needed a blank spot covered up,” she laughs.

‘Spring’ from the Fantasy Garden series by artist Nidhi Mariam Jacob

‘Spring’ from the Fantasy Garden series by artist Nidhi Mariam Jacob | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

On display at KYNKYNY, are four Fantasy Garden acrylic on canvas and two watercolours on paper from Nidhi’s Pods and Buds series. The latter were inspired during the pandemic where she was locked down on a farm in Tamil Nadu. “During this period, I learnt to observe Nature and follow its whole cycle of life, death and rebirth. That was my inspiration for the watercolours,” she says.

Art in the ‘Fantasy Garden’ and ‘Pods and Buds’ series by Nidhi cost an upwards of ₹ 75,000.

Naina Maithani Kulkarni

Naina M bumped into Art when she was at the crossroads of her life. “I was looking for work avenues that would satisfy my soul, when an art gallery in Delhi had an opening for a manager. Just when I found my footing, however, I had to relocate to Vietnam,” says the former finance professional.

Artist Naina Maithani

Artist Naina Maithani | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

Trying to put her new found knowledge to use, Naina frequented art galleries where she met a local artist Tran Viet Son. “I could feel the freedom in his work and I asked him to teach me. As a practising Buddhist, he didn’t want to turn me down, so he agreed to be my mentor as I tried my hand at painting.”

At first, Naina experimented a lot and eventually chose rollers over paintbrushes as her medium for expression. “I was always inclined towards abstracts as I am not very fond of the obvious. Abstracts are open to interpretation. I feel colours speak a lot more than figures and they have their own language. For example, one day the colour red could give you energy; on another day it would exude warmth.”

‘Abundance’ by artist Naina Maithani

‘Abundance’ by artist Naina Maithani | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

“I mostly work on textures, using acrylic on canvas and creating them with the use of rollers. The end result is quite rough and its appeal is different; the thick layers of paint ensure it has more than an one-dimensional effect.”

Naina returned to Bengaluru in 2011 and continued with her artistic journey, honing her style and skill. She says the lockdown was a quiet time for her as it was for most artists. “I had relocated to my hometown of Dehradun and spent a lot of time on the terrace looking at the sky. Since I didn’t have art supplies, I would take photos and the landscape became my inspiration. I felt the horizon was the only thing I could relate to at that point in time.“

Prices for artwork by Naina start at ₹ 50, 000.

The entire Flow series, featuring the works of all seven artists, can be viewed at

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