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Sayam Bharath Yadav’s works are inspired by stories of the soil

An installation by Sayam Bharat Yadav

An installation by Sayam Bharat Yadav   | Photo Credit: By arrangement

Sayam Bharath Yadav goes nostalgic while raising global concerns in his solo show

‘Where Are We Going With The World’ screams a banner at State Art Gallery in Kavuri Hills. If the title stirs you, wait till you see the works created by artist Sayam Bharath Yadav on display inside . His solo show of 50 works comprises paintings, installations and drawings; The artist gets nostalgic while discussing global concerns. It is been worth the effort as he has been planning it for more than two-and-half-years.

Artist Sayam Bharat Yadav

Artist Sayam Bharat Yadav   | Photo Credit: By arrangement

Bharath, who belongs to a cowherd community has always been known for painting bulls, buffaloes and cows on canvases. Though his family no longer carries on the traditional profession, Bharath still reminisces the good ol’ days through his works. One of the installations ‘rataalu’ — of aluminium cans takes viewers on a nostalgic path. Painted with a tinge of earthy brown, these cans in different sizes are accompanied with measuring cups potti (fodder) and a cash box. “I used to see people from my family driving scooters to deliver pau ser or ardha ser milk. Now, we have the plastic milk packets and I miss natural touch,” he says.

Remember the vintage wooden cart in villages that were for agriculture or to ferry material and even people? That finds a replica here. At 8x4 feet, a cart created by Bharath has a transparent box filled with fibre-made horns, a reminder of the animal world destruction caused by men.

A work at the gallery

A work at the gallery   | Photo Credit: By arrangement

Bharath’s thoughts are beautifully captured in his expressions. There’s one with three friends, which artist calls a homage to a Hyderabadi way of life “We can see such friends’ groups — relaxed as they casually inquire, ‘Kya miyan, kaise ho?

Bharath’s drawings showcase different moods and characters from everyday life. The artist blends human forms with an animal head/instinct. “That is me’ he says, pointing to a figure relaxing on a sofa with a Picasso painting in the background and an aluminium can. “I create an environment with my surroundings. I am also attached to the form and translate it on canvas. I keep painting till I get the composition. It is a constant struggle to create.”

An exhibit at the gallery

An exhibit at the gallery   | Photo Credit: By arrangement

From ropes used to restrain cows and buffaloes and bracelets to gajjalu (anklets) worn around their feet, it’s all on display. It’s Bharath’s prized collection. “My brother-in-law had these things but now since their lifestyle has changed, they are of no use. So whenever they discard them, I bring it away.” A a painting titled ‘Bursting Bride’, shows a buffalo all decked up and an installation with words ‘Mir, Gir and Gujar’ (breeds of buffaloes) created on an acrylic sheet are inspired by the Narsingi cattle market. He says, “Various buffalo breeds from Gujarat, Rajasthan and Punjab are considered healthy and are decorated for prospective buyers. They make the market looks so lively.”

An installation by Sayam Bharat Yadav

An installation by Sayam Bharat Yadav   | Photo Credit: By arrangement

Paintings also depict social concerns on themes like urbanisation, global warming and pollution. Two paintings focus on helmets to present a slice of modern life. Inspired by busy traffic junction, one shows riders wearing helmets jostling for space. Another work shows the irony — ‘we wear helmets to protect our heads but do not show the same enthusiasm to protect nature.’

(An exhibition of paintings, installations and drawings by Sayam Bharath Yadav is on till February 17 at State Art Gallery.)

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