Meeting of the minds at AMSOE

INGENUITY AND ART Ajay Sharma with the innovative instruments   | Photo Credit: Special arrangement

Being held for the first time, Project AMSOE is a novel initiative as it attempts to bring art and science on the same platform. Described as a place “where art meets science of everything,” by the festival’s Director Pratiksha Jain, this ongoing inter-disciplinary arts festival will feature performance art, sonic art, public-interventions, social and ecological justice projects, installations, film, interactive work, poetry and more, giving their practitioners an opportunity to inspire each other, innovate and work together.

As to how it came into being, Pratiksha, a biotechnology student trained in jazz, ballet, contemporary dance and chhau, explains, “The concept is the result of various observations on how everything is interlinked and intertwined.” Elaborating, she says “Take art and science, both of which are a result of innovation and imagination and can work in tandem like in case of Taj Mahal. It is a classical case as the structure is scientifically planned and laid out while the aesthetics come to the fore through design, motifs and ornamentation. I observe all kinds of movement, of humans or birds, or a falling leaf or a butterfly which are scientific and incorporate them in my choreography. Any beautiful entity in our surrounding is a result of good balance between art and science.”

Among the events scheduled in the coming weeks, is a demonstration of innovative instruments by Ajay Sharma of Rikhi Ram Indian Musical Instruments. “Ajay’s family have been making instruments for leading musicians, like Pandit Ravi Shankar, Ustad Vilayat Khan and Shahid Parvez. They also create innovative instruments like Hansa veena, Travelling sarod, etc about which Ajay will talk and also perform a short piece,” says Pratiksha. Delving on sound, Sumit Kumar, an electronic music composer, heading Crypto Cipher will present innovative digital sounds. “His session also features jamming between real world and digital world sounds,” says Pratiksha. Contemporary dance pieces will be performed by Rakshit Arora and Amala Sivaji.

12dmc Pratiksha Jain

12dmc Pratiksha Jain   | Photo Credit: 12dmc Pratiksha Jain

On the final two days of the festival, musician Azaan Khan who explores different styles of music, sound, 3D visuals and words, will present Polarity. “Exploring duality, it is a journey through the human condition, an immersive experience bringing together organic sounds and cutting edge technology and animation,” reveals Pratiksha. It will include set design by Vaibhavi Kowshik, mapping and visuals by Santana Issar, animation by Vidhur Gupta, Arush and Ayushi.

Reflecting paradox

Artist Pawas Aakrsh and musician Kimberly Rodrigues will put up The Act, which is a reflection on the paradox of being an artist and societal constructions related to being an artist. “Through an interesting use of video mapping, the singer-artist duo will create an audio-visual experience that attempts to portray certain realities behind the facade created around artists and performers,” shares Pratiksha.

Animator, puppeteer and sand artist, Dr. Atul Sinha, will present Rani Padmawati Ki Kahani, a visual presentation of the story illustrated live by using sand art as the medium with a voiceover soundtrack narrating the legend of Padmavati. Also there will be video demonstration by Dr. Chetna showing embryo development in zebra fish through microscope and computer generated clusters of water molecules by Avijit Rakshit, which are visually appealing.

Namrata Chhabria’s artworks

Namrata Chhabria’s artworks   | Photo Credit: 12dmc Namrata1

Art works on display include those by Namrata Chhabria whose canvases focus on imaginary archetypes of identity — mind structures and value systems that result from the broader means of sustenance like food, shelter and clothing. Unending Scrolls by Shivangi Ladha explore the correlations between spaces and different forms of perceived spaces. “I wish to see an environment where cruelty and violence against animals does not exist. I believe that all life forms are equal and share the same emotional conscience,” she states.

(On December 15, 16, 17, 22 and 23, Dhan Mill Compound, Chattarpur, 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.)

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