Cooking with clay

With a flair for arts and crafts from the time she was a teenager, 28-year-old Aimee Rajan treaded the entrepreneurial path in a rare form of art: clay. With a love for all things miniature, Aimee started her business ‘All Things Clay’ in which she specialises in miniature clay models that are customised to your liking. Using a bakeable material called polymer clay, the artist-cum-businesswoman creates all sorts of miniature pieces from tiny foods to recreations of photographs.

Cooking with clay
Doing what you love and making a living out of it don’t always go hand in hand but Aimee feels lucky to work in this field; “It feels like a dream, I never thought I’d be able to do art on a daily basis. I used to draw on MS Paint as a teenager.”

Not long after, at 24, Aimee started experimenting with clay. “I would scroll through YouTube and see people making tiny pizzas and ice-cream cones out of clay which really sparked my interest. I’m a huge foodie and thought it was the cutest thing how my favourite food was recreated in clay form.”

Cooking with clay
When asked about how she learnt clay art, Aimee says: , “The entire process was self-taught. I looked up tutorials online and what tools I needed and started from there. Although I’m comfortable in my own style , I still feel like there’s a lot left for me to learn.”

Cooking with clay

She initially began by making pieces for her family and friends with a few colours of clay, “I got a few of the basic colours and made a few things like mini cupcakes and cookies. When I look at those pieces now I cringe but I see them as stepping stones.”

It was due to her family that Aimee decided to commission her pieces: “I would send pictures of my creations and they started telling me that they would be willing to pay me for pieces. I sat with my sister and brother-in-law and came up with a general price range.”

Cooking with clay

Her first step was creating a Facebook and Instagram page. “I designed my logo and created a page and uploaded a few photos, it was all a bit of a gamble really.” Now, with more than 3,000 followers in her kitty, the artist has regular orders coming in. “Initially, I made a lot of magnets and key chains of different kinds of food.”

Aimee took her craft a step further by recreating clay models of people: “I once attempted to recreate a picture of a married couple and that became quite popular.”

Aimee takes a picture and recreates the exact image in clay form, right from the clothes to the accessories.

A normal working day for Aimee is a complete one-woman show; it includes everything from preparation, modelling, baking, painting, photography, editing, packaging, and finally shipping. Her pieces usually take one week to make and are completely handmade. “I didn’t think my tiny business would grow to what it is now; it definitely isn’t at its peak yet but it’s slowly getting there and I’m so glad it’s in a field I truly love.”

Cooking with clay
Visit Aimee’s Facebook page All Things Clay or Instagram profile @_allthingsclay_

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