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Elder Wand made by Rashmi Jain   | Photo Credit: Special arrangement

If you are a Potterhead, you have probably held a comb or a ladle and said Expecto Patronum or Wingardium Leviosa in front of a mirror. Now, it is time to wield your own wand.

Ollivander’s does not deliver? Visakhapatnam-based Rashmi Jain does.

The 27-year-old corporate employee has been making wands inspired from the Harry Potter series for the past six months. She recently started an Instagram page Merchandise by Old Trunk to make her creations available to people across the country.

“The quality of wands we get in India is not that great. I decided to make one for myself and after much trial and error, learnt to make a wand that looks like the Elder wand. I then progressed to making other wands featured in the series. It was then that the idea of making them available to fellow Potterheads occurred to me,” she says.

Rashmi makes these products at her home with a little help from her friend, Avanindra Nayak.

“I do not have a physical store, most of the orders come from social media. People love the Elder Wand — it is the most sought after, followed by Hermione Granger’s wand. Apart from wands, we also have puzzle sheets that look like the Marauder’s Map. We add the customer’s name in the map and challenge them to find it out,” she says.

With a keen eye for detail, Rashmi takes three to four days to make a wand. They are priced from ₹1,099 to ₹1,299. “I use metal rods as the base so that the wand feels heavy and real. The rod is coated with layers of Plaster of Paris which is then carved according to the looks of each wand,” she says.

Rashmi sticks to the dimensions of the wands as mentioned in the books. “An Elder wand is 15 inches long, while Hermione’s is 10 and a 3/4th inches long,” she adds.

Her page also has collectables such as books that are inspired from Tom Marvolo Riddle’s diary, the Basilisk fang and the Advanced Potion Making book.

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