After the lockdown I will..

Each of these celebrities, from different fields of the arts and sports, have a take on life after the lockdown. One thing that’s in common: they are all making well thought out plans. When ‘normal’ life resumes, they will…

Start a campaign

We all saw the sudden change in Nature within a day or two of the lockdown— be it the fall in pollution levels or being able to hear the chirping of birds during the day time. I have decided to take this forward at whatever level possible and start a ‘Heal Nature Campaign’ and I am sure millions will join me in this pursuit. I will try to bring all stakeholders working towards this cause together — NGOs, Government bodies, the public.

Pt. Bhajan Sopori, santoormaestro, Delhi

Savour life’s simplicity

Once the lockdown is over, it would be nice to do the simple things that we have taken for granted. Meet and spend time with friends and family, probably take a nice long walk through the city. Nothing extravagant, just simple things.

Sunil Chhetri, men’s football team captain, Bengaluru

After the lockdown I will..

Drink a cup of joe

Right now, I am in Goa, which is heavenly, but I want to rush to Delhi for a check up. It has been eight months since I have seen my family. Once the lockdown concludes, I would love to have a cup of coffee and smell its lovely aroma — it’s my favourite drink, and I like having it once in a while.

Nafisa Ali, actor and social activist, Delhi

Give classical music a push

My academy, Sudhaarnava Academy for Musical Excellence has commenced online classes for students across the world. I am talking to organisers on how they are looking for an audience presence post this period and how we artists have to adjust accordingly. A city with such a magnitude of activities around art and culture cannot and should not suddenly fall silent. I will continue using digital platforms for commercial and non-commercial music-related activities.

Sudha Raghunathan, Carnatic vocalist, Chennai

After the lockdown I will..

Perform for a cause

After the lockdown, I will do charity events in Lucknow, Delhi, and other cities. Since I am weak, and have been unwell recently, I will give performances sitting down. I will also ask my children and grandchildren to perform at these events. The intent will be to raise funds to fight this menace.

Birju Maharaj, Kathak exponent, Delhi

Giving ideas life

These days I am offering prayers of positivity and spend all this surplus time in research and in sketching new ideas. All these ideas and sketches need to be given life.

J. J. Valaya, fashion designer, Delhi

Continue the journey of yoga

Post the lockdown, I would like to continue to do my work of spreading peace and joy within, which is to be found in the ancient philosophic traditions. I will shoot a video in Greece, to add to my film on the international acceptance of yoga. The film has already been shot in India, USA, Germany, Vietnam, Japan, China, Bahamas, Costa Rica, Brazil, Colombia and Argentina. My film screenings of films on Indian art and culture have to be rescheduled in Singapore. Similarly, my film screenings and lectures, postponed owing to the pandemic, have to be rescheduledin Delhi and Chennai.

Benoy Behl, filmmaker, Delhi

After the lockdown I will..

Start an academy

I will start my academy onthe traditional guru-shishya paramparain Rajasthan. We will help to ignite passion. Every person has talent that has to be harnessed. Training will include exercise, swimming, martial arts --only if you have energy will you have the ability to work for long hours.

Himmat Shah, sculptor, Jaipur

Get back to serving society

Due to this pandemic, routine life will take time to get back to, for everyone. I am looking forward to resuming my ongoing projects in sports and entertainment, and delivering motivational lectures. So far, I have built six toilets in schools in Haryana. With the help of NGO Yuva Unstoppable, my aim is to construct more public conveniences in 200 government schools in my home State and 1,000 across the country.

Sangram Singh, wrestler, Mumbai

Return to the loom

We will accelerate our looms and also coordinate with our weavers across States to speedily complete the unfinished work. We have a backlog, which we will pursue with vigour while maintaining the post lockdown protocol and guidelines by the government

Gaurang Shah, designer, Hyderabad

After the lockdown I will..

Explore sustainability of the arts

I am eagerly looking forward to presenting my event Walking with the Mahatma when the lockdown lifts. This was to be presented by the Sangeet Natak Akademi, Habitat Centre, Government of Karnataka in Bengaluru, and Government of Assam. It was to be held in Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad in March. We don’t have fresh dates. Nobody knows what kind of sponsorships and financial support from the government will come. I will be addressing the Indian diaspora in the U.S. on April 25 on the plight of dancers, theatre and performing artists who have been left unemployed. This will be done through Zoom live streaming.

Pratibha Prahlad, noted danseuse, Delhi


I am working on a bridal range for the last 21 days. So I am putting my thoughts on silhouettes, colour, and embroidery. I would like to travel to Varanasi and Jaipur to source the fabric and to get printing done.

Shalini James, fashion designer, Kochi

Visit a temple

I intend to first go and meet my friends and colleagues, then visit the Siddhivinayak temple to thank the Almighty for giving all of us a second chance to value life. Then get back to regular life of working in films.

Mohit Raina, Bollywood actor, Mumbai

After the lockdown I will..

Organise a summit for single women

I run India’s only community for 74.1 million single women. We have an online presence on Facebook -- our community is called Status Single and we have a WhatsApp group. I was in the process of organising Asia’s first summit for single women called #SWIFT. That is the first thing that I need to resume while planning and connecting with speakers, media partners. Our summit was planned for August 1 in Bengaluru and I am determined that if the situation doesn’t become graver and we can come out of it, the summit will be held. This is what I have dedicated my life to. It is the first thing that I am going to get off the ground when the lockdown ends. Over five crore women are trapped in the lockdown. They are divorced, single women, single mothers through adoptions, disabled, transgender and LGBTQ women. It is high time that we are looked upon as vulnerable community that need to be mainstreamed.

Sreemoyee Piu Kundu, author on gender and sexuality, Kolkata

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