AIADMK, TMC extend domination

AIADMK cadres celebrate the party's victory in Thanjavur by-polls. Photo: R.M. Rajarathinam   | Photo Credit: R.M. Rajarathinam

Top Developments
  1. West Bengal: The Trinamool Congress (TMC) registered emphatic victories in the Lok Sabha seats of Cooch Behar and Tamluk.
  2. Tamil Nadu: AIADMK wins Thanjavur, Aravakuruchi and lThirupparankundram
  3. Madhya Pradesh: BJP’s Gyan Singh wins Lok Sabha seat in Shahdol
  4. Narayanasamy wins Nellithope by-poll

The BJP and the Trinamool Congress won two Lok Sabha seats each, claiming it was a vindication of their stand on demonetisation, as the ruling parties in six States and Puducherry held sway in by-elections, retaining most of the 10 Assembly seats up for grabs.

In the Assembly by-polls held on November 19, results of which were declared on Tuesday, the BJP and the AIADMK won three seats each, the CPI(M) got two while the Congress and the MC bagged one each.


4.02 p.m.

AIADMK's Senthil Balaji wins Aravakuruchi seat with a margin of 23,673 votes.

4.00 p.m.

The Trinamool Congress (TMC) registers emphatic victories in the by-elections — one for the Assembly and two for the Lok Sabha.

The results saw the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)’s vote share increase significantly. In the Cooch Behar Lok Sabha seat, the BJP secured second position, with the TMC winning the seat.

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2.30 pm

The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party and the Shiv Sena coalition together shared three of the six seats in the Maharashtra Legislative Council elections on Tuesday, with the Opposition Congress winning two and the Nationalist Congress Party bagging one in what culminated in a mixed bag show of sorts for all political players.

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2.10 pm

Thiruparankundram, after 19 rounds of counting.

AIADMK 1,02,549.  DMK 63000, Lead  39549.

2.00 pm

Thiruparankundram, after 18 rounds of counting.

AIADMK 96,342, DMK 59291, Lead 37,051

1.40 PM

In Aravakuruchi, at the end of 12 rounds of counting, AIADMK's Senthil Balaji leads by about 20,203 votes.

1.30 pm

In Aravakuruchi, at the end of 11 rounds of counting, AIADMK's Senthil Balaji leads by about 18,523 votes


12.57 p.m

In Aravakuruchi, at the end of nine rounds of counting, AIADMK's Senthil Balaji leads by about 13,300 votes

12.52 p.m

AIADMK wins Thanjavur Assembly constituency.

Thiruparankundram, after 15 rounds of counting.

AIADMK 78610

DMK 50866

Lead 27744

Six more rounds to go.

12.48 p.m


TMC candidate Saikat Panja wins Monteswar Assembly by-poll defeating his nearest CPI(M) rival Md Osman Gani Sarkar by 1,27,127 votes, reports PTI

12.34 pm

Thanjavur, at the end of 19 rounds of counting:

AIADMK 98,972

DMK 71,893

Lead 27,079 votes

12.32 p.m

Thanjavur, at the end of 18 rounds of counting:

AIADMK 94,506

DMK 67,628

Lead 26,578 votes                       


12.31 p.m.


Thanjavur, after 17 rounds of counting:

AIADMK 89,561

DMK 63,316

Lead 26,245 votes

12.30 p.m

West Bengal

Lok Sabha constituencies:

Tamluk: Dibyendu Adhikari of the TMC leading over his CPIM rival Mandira Panda by over 2.5 lakh votes.

Coochbehar: Parthapratim Roy of the TMC leading over his BJP rival Hemchandra Burman by 1.2 lakh votes.

Assembly Constituency

Monteswar: Saikat Panja of TMC leading over his CPIM rival Md Osman Gani Sarkar by 90,000 votes.


12.19 p.m

Aravakuruchi, after eight rounds of counting:

AIADMK 42398

DMK 29412

Lead 12986


12.18 p.m


AIADMK 66828

DMK 43780

Lead 23048

Eight more rounds left.

12.04 p.m

Thiruparankundram, after 12 rounds of counting:

AIADMK 61492

DMK 40434

Lead 21058

12.07 p.m

Thiruparankundram, at the end of 11 rounds of counting:

AIADMK 56596.

DMK 37576.

Lead 19020.

12.05 p.m

Aravakuruchi, at the end of seven rounds of counting

AIADMK 36584

DMK 25802

Lead 10782

12.00 p.m

Thanjavur at end of 13 rounds of counting:

AIADMK 74,317

DMK 51,652

Lead 22,665 votes                

11.40 a.m

Thanjavur at end of 13 rounds of counting:

AIADMK 70,007

DMK 47,691

Lead 22,316 votes      

11.40 a.m

At the end of 10 rounds of counting, A.K. Bose leads by 13802 votes in the Thiruparankundram bypoll.

Total number rounds of counting - 21.

11.23 a.m

AIADMK candidate V. Senthil Balaji extends lead against his immediate rival KC Pallani Shamy in Aravakuruchi constituency.

enthil Balaji leads by about 7700 votes at the end of five rounds of counting.

11.15 a.m.

AIADMK leads by 19,828 votes in Thanjavur at the end of 10 rounds of counting.

AIADMK 56,535

DMK 36,707 


11.10 a.m

Thiruparankundram bypoll, end of round 7:

AIADMK 33950

DMK 24291

Lead 9659 votes

11.05 a.m.


PTI reports:

Early trends after counting in the Nepanagar Assembly bypoll in Madhya Pradesh showed that BJP candidate Manju Dadu was leading by a margin of over 10,000 votes.

Dadu is the daughter of late MLA Rajendra Shyamlal Dadu whose death in an accident necessitated the by-poll.

In Nepanagar, 71.25 per cent polling was recorded on November 19.

Congress has reposed faith in tribal leader Antar Singh Barde in the reserved seat (ST), where four candidates are in the fray

11.05 a.m

AIADMK leads by 18,072 votes at the end of nine rounds counselling in Thanjavur.

AIADMK 50,718

DMK 32,646


11.02 a.m.


AIADMK candidate leads by 7910 votes against DMK at end of round 7 in the Thiruparankundram.


At the end of eighth round of counting in Thanjavur:

AIADMK 45,868

DMK 29,366

Lead 16,502


10.50 a.m.

In West Bengal

There were by-elections held for one assembly seat, Monteswar and two parliament seats, Coochbehar and Tamluk. All three seats are held by Trinamool Congress.

Currently, TMC is leading in both Tamluk and Coochbehar, reports PTI.

Tamluk: Dibyendu Adhikari of TMC leading over his CPIM rival Mandira Panda by over 90,000 votes.

Coochbehar: Parthapratim Roy of TMC leading over his BJP rival Hemchandra Burman by 30,000 votes.

Monteswar: Saikat Panja of TMC leading over his BJP rival Biswajit Poddar by 31,000 votes.

10.48 a.m.

End of round 5 of counting in Thiruparankundram (cumulative total).

Total votes polled: 45991.

AIADMK - 23716

DMK - 18274


10.45 a.m.

End of seventh round of counting in Thanjavur:

AIADMK 40,165

DMK 25,338

Lead 14,827 votes


10.32 a.m

Karur DRO holds talks with BJP and DMDK cadres, who were agitated over the refusal of entry to counting hall. The demanded that counting be stopped immediately.

10.30 a.m.

End of sixth round of counting in Thanjavur:

AIADMK 34,311

DMK 21,686

Lead 12,625 votes

10.20 a.m.

At the end of fourth round of counting in Thiruparankundram, AIADMK has an established lead of 5000 votes over DMK.

10.18 a.m.

At the end of the fifth round of counting in Thanjavur:

AIADMK 28,691

DMK 18,595

Lead 10,096 votes

10.13 a.m.

At the end of fourth round of counting in Thanjavur:


AIADMK 23,267

DMK 15,363

Lead 7,904


10.10 a.m.


At the end of round 3 in madurai Thiruparankundram assembly constituency AIADMK candidate A.K. bose leads by 4003 votes.

10.00 am

Meanwhile, counting has been going on since 8 am in Barjala and Khowai assembly seats in Tripura, with CPI(M) winning both comfortably, reports ANI.

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9.55 a.m

At the end of third round of counting in Thanjavur:

AIADMK - 17,399

DMK - 11,470

Lead - 5,929

9.48 a.m

At the end of the second round of counting, AIADMK candidate A.K. bose leads by 2389 votes in Thiruparankundram.

At the end of the second round of counting, AIADMK candidate Senthil Balaji leads by about 3300 votes in Aravakurichi.

Dismal performance for DMDK and BJP in Aravakuruchi. DMDK candidate Prabu and BJP candidate Muthu have been arrested for a staging road roko. Party cadres stage protest in Aravakurichi for their agents being refused entry into the counting hall.

9.25 a.m.

One more round of counting to go in Nellithope by-election. It is almost certain that Mr Narayanasamy is heading towards a comfortable win.                       

Narayanasamy leads by 11502.

He has secured more than 200 votes than A. John Kumar who vacated the Nellithope seat to enable Mr. Narayanasamy seek a mandate.

9.23 a.m

AIADMK leads by 3857 votes at the end of two rounds of counting in Thanjavur.

9.23 a.m

Postal ballots in Thiruparankundram bypoll: Total - 48. AIADMK - 44. DMK - 1. Ind - 1. Invalid - 2.


9.15 a.m

Thiruparankundram bypoll: Bose of AIADMK polls 4957 votes in the first round. His rival Dr. P.  Saravanan of DMK bags 3044 votes.  Total valid votes 8716.

9.00 a.m

AIADMK's Om Sakthi Sekar has left the counting center in Nellithope. Congress workers burst crackers outside.

8.55 a.m

AIADMK candidate leads by about 1800 votes at the end of first round in Aravakuruchi constituency. DMK candidate K.C. Pallani Shamy leaves the counting hall

8.50 a.m

Mr. Narayanasamy's lead down by 3961.

After first round, Chief Minister has secured 6779 votes and AIADMK's Om Sakthi 2819 votes.                       

8.44 a.m

Thanjavur - Round 1


DMK 4049


NOTA 109

8.42 a.m

Counting in Karur constituency delayed due to confusion in counting hall.

8.35 a.m

Counting of postal votes begin in Thiruparankundram by-poll now at Madurai Medical College. Total votes 48.

8.33 a.m

AIADMK leads in Thanjavur with 29 service postal votes. DMK has one postal vote.

8.31 a.m

Nellithope candidate for Congress CM V. Narayanasamy leads by 4462 votes. Of the three service votes, Mr. Narayanasamy has managed to secure two votes. Number of votes polled for NOTA so far is 28.

Total voters 31362. Total votes polled 26895.

Apart from Mr. Narayanasamy and Mr. Om Sakthi Sekar of AIADMK, there are six other candidates in fray in Nellithope by-poll.

8.21 a.m

DMDK and BJP cadres stage protest in front of the counting at M. Kumarasamy Engineering College in Karur for refusing to allow them into the counting hall.

8.10 a.m

Counting of postal votes begins for Nellithope by-poll. Postal votes polled in Aravakuruchi constituency were cancelled. So, there will be no postal votes in Aravakuruchi constituency.

8.00 a.m

Counting begins.  Karur Collector K. Govindaraj says that lead position will be known within an hour.

8.00 a.m

All set for counting of votes in Thanjavur. Tight security around counting centre Kundavai Nachiyar Govt Arts College. Heavy police presence thwarts usual buzz in front of counting centres.

7.55 a.m

Media persons and counting agents are allowed inside the Madurai Medical College only after thorough frisking.

District Election officer K. Veera Raghava Rao says the postal votes will be taken up first. Counting likely to be delayed by about 30 minutes for the Thiruparankundram bypoll.

A total of 71 per cent of the 2.83 lakh had polled on Nov 19. Bypoll was necessitated following the demise of the AIADMK MLA elect S.M Seenivelu in May 2016 general election. The real fight here is between the  AIADMK and the DMK.

7.34 a.m

Police guarding the counting centre at Bharathidasan Government women's College in Puducherry. Counting of votes for crucial bypoll for the Nellithope Assembly segment where Chief Minister V. Narayanasamy is seeking mandate for governance will commence at 8 a.m.

Mr. Narayanasamy is pitted against two time legislator Om Sakthi Sekar of the All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam.

7.15 a.m

Three-tier security at the Madurai Medical college, where the counting for the Thiruparankundram bypoll is set to start from 8 a.m.

6.30 a.m

Tight security in place at the counting centre in Karur. There are 39 candidates in the fray. Main contest is between V. Senthil Balaji of AIADMK and K.C Pallani Shamy of DMK. Counting agents begin to arrive.

Ganesan S. from Thanjavur, Sri Krishna L. from Madurai, C. Jaisankar from Karur and Rajesh B. Nair from Nellithope contributed to this report.

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