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With learning moving online, a student’s everyday routine has taken a dramatic turn. Research has shown that students are spending over five additional hours on gadgets every day, while learning from home. This is not only an unprecedented health hazard but also puts mental health, focus, motivation and intrinsic curiosity at risk.

One way to overcome this stagnancy is to find pursuits that teach you something even when you are not actively learning from a coursebook — or a screen. Here’s what students can do to boost their motivation and increase their productivity levels even during their spare time.

Learning hour: Based on your learning style, set aside a dedicated learning hour every day. If you are a visual learner, read or speed read, so you can consume more. Auditory learners can tune in to podcasts and audiobooks. Thanks to the massive growth in technology, there is a wide range of online courses to learn whatever resonates with your life’s goals.

Conscious screen time: Young adults also spend a lot of time on social media platforms. If you must do this, be mindful of whom you follow. Ask yourself if they add value to your life and teach you something new. Do they benefit your mindset, productivity and inspire you? Don’t forget to take a break once in a while, to keep general productivity in good shape.

Virtual tours and documentaries: Technology has brought closer what was geographically far away. Tour some famous museums, art galleries and destinations and watch informative documentaries on history, geography, ecology, science and culture.

Move your body: Science shows that exercising boosts immunity and improves memory. Physical activities such as indoor sports, dance, yoga, skipping rope, and running, can provide a break from monotony, keep your mind active and even give you a skill. Many fitness trainers on social media can help you stay fit without equipment.

Journal it all: A Harvard study indicates that people who journal everyday have a 25% increase in their overall performance. The pandemic has unique struggles and learning experiences, which you can write about. Not only will this benefit you emotionally but also enhance your writing and presentation skills.

Declutter: Declutter your surroundings to help you concentrate and feel in control.

Bond over board games: Enjoy your time with family and friends while bonding over stimulating games like Cash Flow that will also help learn critical money management skills.

Volunteer: Give back to the community by volunteering for a cause you feel strongly about.

Learn as an intern: Grab any opportunity to intern at an organisation or field that excites you. Real life experience is priceless and the learnings are infinite.

Get closer to Nature: Try gardening herbs, native plants and shrubs, flowers, or even indoor plants. Get curious about the birds and animals you see, and also the ones you don’t any more.

The writer is Founder and CEO, Success Gyan

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