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The shift to online education in the wake of COVID-19 has led to a higher demand for non-academic learning as well. Virtual learning platforms have enabled artists and others to share their knowledge.

After being confined to their homes for prolonged periods, people started seeking new ways to engage themselves. Many began to look for ways to fulfill their artistic desires that may have been put on hold for the sake of conventional jobs. E-learning became the easiest, most accessible and cost-effective way to pick up new skills from the safety of one’s home. Students could connect with the best tutors for expert guidance, democratising the learning environment, which was previously limited by geographical and financial constraints.

The value of non-academic learning, in fact, goes well beyond hobby or passion. Studies have consistently documented the importance of all-round development, intellectual as well as psychological, for long-term success. Engaging with creative arts, in particular, enables an ability to see patterns and think out of the box and develops a greater aesthetic sense and higher discipline. Many employers are also starting to look for evidence of non-academic proficiency when recruiting new candidates. Those planning to pivot careers, therefore, should consider investing in these skills besides their job-specific requirements.

Celebrity classes

One major trend to evolve out of the shift towards online learning is that of tutorials and guest lectures from experts in different fields. Celebrities, once admired from afar, can now enter every Indian’s living room by means of tutorials that share tips, lessons and advice. So to learn writing from Ruskin Bond, all one needs is is an Internet connection and the will to learn.

The classes are recorded in a structured yet intimate format, often with downloadable tips and exercises to reinforce the learning. Most pre-recorded lessons are broken up into subtopics. Plus, for a flat fee, learners can get lifetime access to all the videos, allowing them to come back for inspiration whenever they need it.

Had it not been for the pandemic, we might not have made the shift so quickly. But now online learning seems like a cost-effective, safe and ideal way to learn. There still are some bridges we need to cross, but we already have solutions in the pipeline.

We are already witnessing a surge in the number of people moving towards creative careers, with more to come in the next several months. The time is past when children had to choose only conventional career paths; now, through self-learning and the occasional word of wisdom from a celebrity, they can be who they were meant to be.

The writer is Co-founder, Unlu.

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