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When student recruitments go digital

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The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted on-campus student hiring across the country. With most educational institutions suspending classes and students moving back to their home towns, the recruitment process has been put under great duress. With the rise and acceptance of virtual interactions, many companies individually and in collaboration with universities hosted online job fairs, hackathons, and internship hiring. Although there was some uncertainty over the success of the process, most participating recruiters and partakers realised that digitising the interview process helped reduce reliance on a third-party and made the screening process more efficient. There are three advantages to online recruitments:

Increased opportunities: With remote work becoming the norm, organisations are evolving their operational and marketing strategies. This has created a demand for digitally native niche communities that could not thrive in a brick-and-mortar ecosystem. This has created opportunities for student employment in sectors that either did not exist earlier or in companies that have upgraded their offerings. Also, as businesses are giving up physical office spaces, the reduced financial pressure allows redirection of capital towards hiring interns and freshers.

More accessibility: As the interview process and possible internship/employment become digital in nature, students living anywhere can apply for a job without feeling restricted by geographical location. On the other hand, recruiters also get to pick without compromising on the candidate’s quality. Many virtual event hosting platforms are adept with technology that allows for an immersive and interactive interview with students across the country and even internationally.

Cost reduction: Students often operate on a limited pocket money and thus cannot afford to travel for every interview that they would like to appear for. Similarly, employers also sustain logistical costs when hosting large-scale job/internship fairs. With the entire process happening seamlessly online, expenditure is far lower, making the hiring process more inclusive for the student and budget-friendly for the recruiter. It also allows students to continue living and working in their home towns without undertaking additional living expenses that they would have had to incur should they have to relocate.

The writer is Director of Marketing at Airmeet

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