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What’s your vocation?

How would you describe yourself? Are you a ‘Builder’ who likes making things work better? Are you more of a ‘Communicator’, easily able to connect with others? Perhaps you are an ‘Innovator’, quick to come up with new concepts and ideas. Or, maybe, you are best described as an ‘Enabler’, good at organising and managing things. CogitoHub has identified these four primary profiles that best represent students’ behaviours and aspirations. Please rank the options given against each question in order of priority from 1 to 4. (One being your most preferred choice and four being the least preferred choice.)

You are on a vacation in a new city. How would you go about exploring it?

a) Collect brochures to choose important sites and get going

b) Talk to the locals and then decide

c) Make a list beforehand and prioritise which sites you want to see

d) Just go and explore

If you could do a summer job, where are you likely to find yourself?

a) Automobile company

b) Event management company

c) Bank

d) Bakery

When buying a new laptop for college, how will you come to a decision?

a) See what’s easiest to use

b) Look at online reviews and ratings

c) Create a list of features and compare

d) Go by visual appeal and user experience

Tomorrow is your first day of college. How would you prepare for it?

a) Be prepared with all your books

b) Call up friends and discuss the plan

c) Research your department teachers

d) Get there and see how it goes

Which of the following words appeal to you the most and in what order?

a) Action

b) Sell

c) Process

d) Idea


Give a score of 4 to your most preferred choice, 3 to the second, 2 to the third and 1 to the least preferred choice.

After you have scored each question, add up your total scores for options 1,2,3 and 4.

In the questionnaire, all the ‘a’ options represent builder, ‘b’ represent communicator, ‘c’ represent Enabler and ‘d’ represent Innovator.

The option which has the highest score represents your dominant cluster.

Your dominant cluster

Builder: You are the hands-on member of the team and like executing and getting things done. A few job roles you can explore are engineer, software developer or real estate developer.

Communicator: You are the voice of the team and like persuading and inspiring people. A few job roles you can explore are business analyst, media planner or social worker.

Innovator: You are the mind of the team and like working on new concepts and ideas. Some job roles you can explore are designer, animator or scientist.

Enabler: You are the backbone of the team and like keeping things organised. Some job roles you can explore are investment banker, lawyer or defence officer.

Courtesy: CogitoHub

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