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There’s more to Forensic Science than just the solving of crimes.   | Photo Credit: Freepik

Among the many options available to those with an investigative or analytical mind is the upcoming field of Forensic Science. While many people associate this field with crime, it involves gathering and analysing evidence to establish the truth. When connected to a crime, it involves studying fingerprints, footprints, traces of blood and other material remains to solve the case. This multidisciplinary field involves aspects of biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, psychology, social sciences and law.

Courses and skill sets

Many recognised universities and colleges in India offer courses in Forensic Sciences, either as an undergraduate degree or a diploma. Students must have opted for Physics-Chemistry-Biology or Physics-Chemistry-Maths in Class 12 to enter this stream. There are also Master’s and Doctoral level courses available.

Apart from the academic aspect, one needs to have an analytical, problem-solving and logical bent of mind. An unbiased approach is also essential to critically analyse the problem and arrive at a conclusion based on available evidence and facts. Some forensic scientists may visit the scene of action while others work in a laboratory. But both require a keen eye for details. The laboratory scientists could be called to testify as expert witnesses in both criminal and civil cases in a court of law.

Career options

After completing the course, one can be a forensic scientist/engineer, handwriting expert, legal counsellor, investigative officer, researcher, crime scene investigator, and law consultant. JOb opportunities could be in government organisations like law enforcement agencies, police departments, defence and allied services, forensic laboratories and hospitals or in private detective agencies, private hospitals and law firms. Freelancing options are also available and quite lucrative. Teaching is yet another option.

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