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Anil (name changed) aspired to study at an internationally ranked university in the U.K. His profile met the criteria and he had also completed the necessary application process. However, COVID-19 and the consequent lockdown, made him uncertain about what he should do. However, a series of online interactions with his coach at an AI-enabled platform for higher learning proved to be a game changer. He was familiarised with the scholarships, waivers and post-study work visa options that he would be eligible for if he started his programme this year. All this helped him begin his course at his dream university.

COVID-19 has redefined the way the higher education ecosystem operates. In the wake of this crisis, schools and universities switched to digital platforms overnight to secure and enhance the learning process for students. However, the uncertainty and confusion this caused left students worried about their future. The in-person relationships facilitated between mentors and students through pre-COVID-19 counselling sessions also came to a sudden halt, as everyone was confined to their homes.

This is when virtual mentorship came to the fore to guide students to make informed decisions. This has brought to the mainstream mentors connecting with students from around the world without geographical restraints and helping them build a better academic and professional future. Scheduling and travelling hassles are reduced, as one can easily connect through their devices to capture the right academic opportunities.

There is no debating the role of mentors as catalysts through a student’s journey. They support students in transforming their life by proactively advising them, simplifying processes, and defining their career roadmap. We now have subject-matter experts provide video sessions for students to learn from, and also get their doubts clarified. The same experts are also seen live across the organisation’s social media platforms on various occasions to answer the questions that students may have. The pandemic has clearly given rise to a unique opportunity for students to adopt advanced ways of learning.

The writer is Founder and CEO at Leverage Edu.

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