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Automation can help increase efficiency, minimise cost and deliver consistent results   | Photo Credit: Freepik

Business automation is one of the most important aspects to kickstart one’s business and generate revenue on a much larger scale. It makes complex processes uncomplicated while making the repeated processes more efficient and reliable. It is imperative to utilise this technology to increase efficiency, minimise costs, and deliver consistent results.

Here are a few courses that will help you understand and utilise automation technology:

Workflow automation: The benefits range from making the entire process faster, increasing productivity, automated alerts, and mobility to promoting uniformity. Manual processes are more complex and create room for delays and mistakes. There are different types of tools to enable workflow automation depending on the process and can be be used to automate routine tasks like approvals, expenses related to HR, Finance, Production and more.

Marketing automation: This course teaches how to use software platforms and tools to effectively market through multiple channels online. These help send emails, WhatsApp and SMS messages, automate calls, social media posts, sending email replies, collecting data and more. It allows businesses to automate the most boring and repetitive part of marketing while generating a continuous flow of qualified leads for the sales team to convert.

Robotic process automation: These courses focus on specialised software bots that can be used to automate work such as filling receipts, making entries, reading data, and sending emails, thereby reducing the manpower required.

Customer-relationship management: A customer-relationship management tool (CRM) can be used to manage workflow in sales processes, store customer data and other information, generate leads and much more. It helps keep track of and update existing contacts, create a sales pipeline and store customer information for easier access.

These are just a few examples that will help one understand the benefit of basic automation tools in business. These will not only reduce the number of people required but also the scope of human error.

While learning one or two of these might be good, learning to use all or most of the tools will maximise potential for any business.

The writer is Founder of CEOITBOX.

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