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Before we begin, let me make a couple of clarifications. First, the psychometric test referred to in this article is not the same as the one used to assess candidates during a job interview. Rather this is about self-evaluation. Second, these tests are not only for students about to start a new career, but also for working professionals. The objective of a psychometric test is to help the test-taker choose the right career as per his/her skills and efficiency.


What is a psychometric test? In simple words, it is an assessment of the test-taker’s skills and abilities, knowledge, personality traits and potential. When choosing a career, this helps the candidate understand which career would suit him/her. The test is created by considering the skills and traits required to be successful in any given career. By analysing the skills and traits of the candidate, it automatically generates a report with the best career options for him/her. In a complete test report, the candidate will also get an analysis of his/her strengths, both in terms of knowledge and traits.

When choosing the right career, a candidate must not only have an interest in it and have the potential to excel, but the choice must also be well paid. An interesting career with a low pay or a highly paid uninteresting career will both lead to eventual disappointment. Many people simply end up following a career either under the influence of family/peers or of biased agents in their social circles.

This is where a psychometric test helps by providing an unbiased analysis of one’s personality and interests. Once the candidate finds out possible career choices, he/she can either research or talk to a career counsellor to find out the compensation standards in the industry before making the final choice.

The writer is COO, ODM Educational Group

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