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Over the next 10 years, we will need highly skilled, climate-conscious professionals.   | Photo Credit: Freepik

Climate change is an ongoing topic of discussion, with many countries coming together to review and change policies before it’s too late. While many are concerned and aware of the issue, they are unaware of how they can contribute. This is where hopes to make a difference and arm individuals with various skillsets required to contribute to the cause.

“ is an online school and community for people who want to solve climate change,” says Anshuman Bapna, founder of While governments and organisations are trying to implement new rules, regulations and turning to more sustainable methods to aid in climate change matters, will that be enough? Bapna and the team at believe that, over the next 10 years, we will need at least 100 million highly skilled, climate-conscious professionals.


Bapna says that it could be someone who has no prior knowledge of the climate scene but is willing to learn about what is happening and use their existing skillset to address a specific problem caused by climate change. “It could be, for example, someone working in the automotive sector, finance, or in media who has realised that his/her work is also going to be impacted by climate change. We aim to rescale and upskill these individuals into understanding the landscape, the opportunities and grow the climate economy across the world.”

Bapna, a tech entrepreneur by profession, wasn’t interested in getting another academic degree in the subject, which is how the idea of a bootcamp came to be — quick, intensive courses that help build a network and develop a community to rely on when getting started in the real world.

While offers multiple courses in various fields such as agriculture, sustainable business, transportation among others, their core foundational course, ‘Learning for action’, is a 12-week online bootcamp designed to give an overview of the climate scene. This covers climate science and impact and focuses on climate communication, psychology and advocacy. “It’s easy to get sucked into a very narrow niche of what climate is all about. For the work you’re doing, it’s important to zoom out and tell the story of why it connects to everyone on the planet,” Bapna added.

Right from the start, has been 100% remote, ensuring that anyone from across the world has access to the programmes. The course works on a cohort-based method in which each batch begins once every three months, where as many as 150+ people sign on and are divided into smaller groups of 20 or so. These smaller groups are then assigned a climate coach who is an expert in the environmental sciences to facilitate the learning. There are also opportunities for peer-to-peer learning and experienced mentors assigned to discuss career options.

“All the programmes are an entry point for those who want to deepen their climate work, but they also end up in a single global online community looking to work on climate,” says Bapna, adding that it allows interaction and collaboration opportunities, whether to start a company or organisation or work together for projects and research in various aspects of climate in their area of expertise. There are also frequently conducted online climate job fairs by, which provide an opportunity to discover a career path in climate and showcase the vast opportunities in various sectors that can tackle climate change.

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