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The beauty of Indian classical music is that it is unique in how it can depict one’s emotions, thoughts, and feelings. Like in any art form, it takes several years of intensive learning and practice to begin to understand its nuances. The study and understanding of this art form also offers other benefits: it develops a sense of discipline, exposes one to poetry and literature, allows a deep grasp of Maths and much more.

Often, one might want to convert a passion for classical music into a career, and this may seem daunting initially. There is also a preconceived notion that semi-classical or even fusion music is more appealing, acknowledged and heard on a larger scale. This deters many youngsters from pursuing classical music seriously. However, with globalisation, Indian classical music has come into its own and there are many ways one can convert their passion into a career.

Career options

The first thing that comes to mind when we think of a career in music is performance. The various sub-genres and forms of classical music offer scope for different kinds of expressions.

Another way is to teach music. In the field of arts, India followed the gurukul system in which the disciple lived with and learnt from the teacher. The guru or the teacher was the repository of knowledge and was also responsible for kindling the student’s passion and passing on his/her knowledge.

Composing/writing music is an option. Whether it is writing songs and setting them to music or composing for others, it allows one to find a deeper connection with oneself and society at large.

Analysis and writing about music allows one to spread awareness and help others develop a deeper understanding of the art. As the appreciation of the form grows, one also realises its connections to life and other art forms.

Finally, there is healing through music, a therapeutic application of the form that has not been much explored. Based on Raga Chikitsa, studies have shown that music has numerous benefits for health.

Given how dynamic the world of Indian music is, there is much scope to harness its richness and apply it in a relevant and useful way.

The writers are co-founders of The Sound Space.

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