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Six Cs of success

The world is moving so fast that institutions are not able to catch up with the ever-changing industry requirements. By the time teachers get ready to teach a subject, it gets outdated. Changes in technology, especially artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics will make many jobs obsolete. The need to bridge this gap is what led Rakesh Godhwani to set up School of Meaningful Experiences (SoME), Bengaluru, in 2018.

After getting a job in Wipro in 1997, Godhwani realised that his real strength was his ability to communicate. Wanting to impart this skill, Rakesh started teaching others how to communicate and present their ideas in meetings, sowing the seed for SoME.

The School was established on the concept of six Cs of success: Communication, Confidence, Curiosity, Creativity, Collaboration and Competence.

“I believe that when two human beings connect to work together in a professional setting or outside it, the essential skills needed at that time are communication and confidence. But these two qualities are just the tip of the iceberg. If the person is not curious, creative, collaborative and competent, the other two will not work. And this is what we call as the Six Cs of our philosophy,” explains Godhwani.

Godhwani believes that it cannot be achieved by students sitting in the classrooms and cramming answers, or solving test papers on their mobiles.

“I also believe that while a learner has to know the subjects, she/he has to also know how to present their ideas in front of others, persuade them to see the bigger picture, manage conflicts, handle bullies, deal with failures, negotiate and persevere in getting things done. All of these are essential skills which we bring inside our programmes at SoME.”

There are programmes targeting those between 11 and 25 years of age, and the flagship programme is a Diploma in Six Cs basic version that runs for 21 weeks between July and December.

The first batch of students graduated at the beginning of the month, and stories of their transformation have been encouraging. For instance, one of the students has shared how this programme has helped her gain confidence and speak in front of her class which she was never able to do earlier.

The school plans to push their online platform harder in order to attract students from all over the country. “We have successfully tested a batch of online students, and the tech platforms are so stable that after a point it doesn’t feel like I am teaching in a virtual classroom. Teens today are tech-savvy and are anyway quite used to using apps and gadgets for learning. Most of them have done some sort of online programme already. In fact, they taught me a thing or two about the technology I didn’t know myself,” says Godhwani.

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