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Data is seen as a potential goldmine for organisations to gain insights into their products, consumer behaviour, business processes and factors impacting their growth. To remain ahead of competition, it has become imperative for companies to gather, process and extract beneficial insights from their data sets. This enables them identify the true performance indicators and align their future strategies to meet the needs of evolving consumers.

With large amounts of data available, companies need mechanisms to collate, analyse and de-clutter this data and make it useful and relevant. In this context, business intelligence (BI) has become a necessary technology to sieve huge amount of data available and extract valuable insights. According to a study by BCG, most managers spend 40% of their time analysing these reports to get the best organisational outcomes. With businesses relying heavily on data analytics, they need trained professionals who can manage business data and run analytics projects successfully.


The unprecedented growth in BI within different verticals has made it an exciting career option for data enthusiasts. According to an internal study by Glassdoor, Data Scientists and Data Engineers are two top job opportunities that recruiters are eager to fill this year. Enterprises are looking to hire professionals skilled in different aspects of business intelligence.

A career in BI or data engineering for aspiring students is not just limited to a role of a BI analyst, but offers a range of opportunities including data scientists, data engineers, BI project managers, database administrators, report designers, and more with a range of skill sets such as database management, programming, and SQL or analytical abilities, among others.

As new technologies are being innovated every day, the scope of each role in data engineering and analytics is reaching new heights. In the coming years, the BI landscape will be dominated by data discovery, AI, Natural Language Processing, automation, which will further fuel the demand of skilled professionals across BI technology companies as well as in the enterprises who have deployed BI projects.

The power of BI is visible across industries such as healthcare, software, retail, and education, among others. With multiple roles to choose from, variety of technologies to work on and excellent compensation prospects, a career in BI promises endless potential and growth to its aspirants.

The writer is Founder Architect and Vice President (Engineering), Intellicus Technologies

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