Oxford students publish ebook to help schoolgoers study at home


When COVID-19 started spreading across the world in March, Peter Wallich, a second-year undergraduate at the University of Oxford, conducted discussions and surveys on social media about learning. Studying at home, he found out, was a big challenge for students from several parts of the world. So, Peter and three of his friends at the university decided to write a book that will help students during the pandemic.

Peter, Tom Flatters, Scarlett Whalen and Tejas Acharya, who’s from Bengaluru, published Learn Better At Home, an ebook designed for secondary school students across the world.

“For various reasons, we’ve all self-studied - a lot,” say the authors, “And we realised we could share our experiences in an ebook: We're sharing key tools, tips, and methods for success in learning at home. Whether you want to succeed in your exams or teach yourself a new subject, this book is here to help.”

Tejas, a second-year undergraduate in Physics says, “At Oxford, apart from the lectures and tutorials, you are encouraged to study a lot on your own. So, we have all done that in our various subjects.”

The ebook covers four sections: Mathematics, Chemistry, English and general. “The four of us divided the book based on our expertise.”

One can pay any amount (which will go to charity) while downloading the book or even get it for free. So far, it has been downloaded over 100 times and managed to raise over $600.

The book’s being translated to Spanish and Hindi with some content tweaked for the respective local readers. Tejas also says that he and his friends are planning to conduct an online workshop on self-studying.

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