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I am 20 and doing a three-year B.A. LLB. But I am not sure about anything in life and so lost and unmotivated. What should I do?

You are young, smart, intelligent and have your life ahead of you to do whatever you choose. Don’t let anyone else make you believe anything else. Some traditional choices post your course are to become a litigation lawyer, join corporate industries, take the judiciary exams, become a legal advisor, do Master of Law (LLM) or pursue MBA. If none of these excite you, introspect on what else brings you joy. If you still don’t feel inspired, meet a counsellor and evaluate your mental health. We all go through some blocks from time to time and it is always good to have the courage to get a grip on it.

I am a graduate preparing for competitive exams. But, my knowledge of English is poor. Should I prepare by reading newspapers or learning grammar? Please help. — Rohit Bonde

Dear Rohit,

None of us were born with brilliant English, be it spoken or written. It is a skillset that anyone can enhance, with practice. Please don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Practise four core skills — reading (aloud), writing (expression), speaking (articulation) and listening (comprehension). Maintain a notebook, learn and write down two new words every day, read the newspaper aloud, watch debates, and documentaries on subjects that interest you, and share the gist (in English) with friends and family. Trust me, you will surprise yourself.

My 25-year-old daughter has a B.Tech degree and is working in a software company. She used to be cheerful, but, for the past three years, she gets angry at the slightest provocation and seems to harbour many negative thoughts. We are unable to understand why. Please advise. — Arul

Dear Arul,

Speak to her and ask what is bothering her — is it the work, the industry that she is in, the work culture, the expectations, the boss/es, another relationship? What is causing the stress? Where is she is feeling overwhelmed and unable to stay happy and cheerful? Ask her to check if the company has an existing EAP (Employee Assistance Programme) where she can get herself evaluated — professional or personal. If not, seek the help of a professional counsellor and get an assessment of the situation as soon as possible.

I quit my job as HR Executive to prepare for the MBA entrance exams, but my scores were not good. So, I am not getting into even the average B-schools. My work experience is a year and nine months with a year’s gap for preparation. What should I do now? – Aniket

Dear Aniket,

What do you want to do? You could retake the exams, if you think you are better prepared this time. You could also evaluate the admissions that you are getting into the average B-schools and get started with your course. I understand your disappointment, but your success at work is eventually in your own hands and how you perform at your job irrespective of the school that you graduate from. You can always stay mindful of areas and skillsets that you need to improve and spruce them at work.

Disclaimer: This column provides advice, guidance and suggestions on education and careers. It is a guiding voice from a practising career counsellor.

The writer is a practising counsellor and a trainer. Send your questions to with the subject line ‘Off the edge’.

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