My internship Education

Lessons of a lifetime

From learning new computer languages to corporate culture, Genpact helped Piyush take a step in the right direction

In my final year of Master of Computer Applications (MCA), I had made up my mind to work in data science and engineering. Genpact was one of the few companies offering me hands-on experience with things such as big data and machine learning.

Assigned project

I worked on an extract, transform, load database project for a big investment firm having massive amounts of data. My work involved extracting data from sources such as File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Salesforce, and legacy systems, transforming it through required business logic, and loading it into a data lake that can be used to access all data in one place.

At first, I was concerned about this big responsibility, but my seniors encouraged me to completely focus on learning before starting work on the project. So, I learnt everything I could about big data technologies and how they work with analytics, computation, and storage. I also learnt programming languages such as Python and Scala, and domain knowledge of capital markets. I applied them to the project, and my managers were pleased with the results. Post my internship, I got hired by the company as a full-time employee.

Corporate culture

The best part was the team I worked with; my manager and everyone else made me understand what Genpact means by “Curious, Incisive, Courageous, and Integrity” being their corporate culture. They encouraged me to continuously learn new things and keep improving. They mentored me, let me access their internal training platform for everything including digital technologies, and involved me in team meetings.

Piyush Gupta is currently working with Genpact.

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