Knowledge quiz

Knowledge quiz

Q1. In the first week of December 2019, the massive demand for the new 20-franc silver coin crashed the Switzerland Mint’s official website.

For the first time, the currency features a living person. In a press release, the Swiss Mint said, “There is no other Swiss person in the world as well known as ______. One could almost lose count of his […] records.”

Name this individual.

Knowledge quiz

Q2. In 1966, a student nurse named Lupe Hernandez in Bakersfield, the U.S., understood the benefits of alcohol when delivered in the form of a gel, in maintaining hygiene in the absence of water. Thus identifying the commercial potential, she then patented her idea.

Apart from their aesthetic, convenience and appeal, her invention is highly popular among travellers in airports and subways.

What ubiquitous product are we talking about?

Knowledge quiz

Q3. Mercaptan or CH4S is a chemical substance found in the bodies of human beings, animals and plants.

It is harmless but has a pungent smell, similar to rotten cabbages. It helps in the detection of a certain safety hazard in kitchens.

What are we talking about?


A1. Roger Federer

A2. Hand sanitiser

A3. Gas leaks

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