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Design is highly impactful when used effectively, and storytelling in design is more potent when it comes to sending the message across   | Photo Credit: Freepik

As we get more connected in this digital age, businesses have to often grapple with short attention spans of users who are battling an information overload. Marketers, communicators, companies and service providers are all in the same bind —how to reach a user without overwhelming them and sending out a wrong message. This is where great storytelling comes in.

While people are on the lookout for stories that resonate with them, organisations and businesses do not necessarily have the creativity or imagination to tell their stories compellingly. Things become more challenging when the audiences are digital natives. A new mindset is required to communicate with them. To maximise the appeal and impact of a product, service or company, design and visualisation are sure-fire ways to net users across the board.

Why data visualisation is impactful

One of the few pre-requisites of effective storytelling is to understand and engage with your audience. These also form the basis of data visualisation where you have to capture the attention of the viewer and tell them a story that they understand.

Storytelling humanises data. Great designs are often based on understanding the user properly. To do this, users should be approached the way ow writers often approach their protagonists — who are they, what are their problems and desires? Not only does this show in the design, but it also creates a desire to use the service often.

Storytelling in design

Design is highly impactful when used effectively, and storytelling in design is more potent when it comes to sending the message across. Visual storytelling has become a staple for web design as to tell the user what they need to hear, based on user testing and research. Visual storytelling is a rightly proportionate combination of text, images and animation, allowing users to understand how the product helps them.

A visual for your thoughts

A designer’s ability to visualise and execute the narrative for his/her users often defines the reach and impact of the story. Visual storytelling is meant to improve user experience and leave a resonating image with the user. Design will remain an evolving field, as human-computer interface time increases. With the evolution of design, the evolution of UI and UX is bound to follow.

Students need to understand that design needs to be combined with the right care and nurturing that great storytelling provides for it to be truly appealing. While great imagery can be impactful, the underlying message also needs to come through. A great visual will always have a symbiotic relationship with great storytelling.

The writer is HOD of Communication Design from School of Design at Pearl Academy

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