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One needs to be research oriented and creative in order to stand out.   | Photo Credit: Freepik

Today’s global business environment is highly competitive, making it crucial for organisations to be research-oriented and creative, in order to stand out and build brand value. Research tells the management and strategists about what has been working for them and their competitors in the industry and what has not. According to an IBM survey, over 1,500 CEOs ranked creativity as the topmost priority, over and above company vision and management discipline, for future business success. Consequently, companies are in search of candidates who have the necessary skills of creativity and research.

Why creativity?

When students focus on improving their creativity and innovation skills, they stand out. Not only does it help them show prospective employers that they can think of out-of-the-box, but also instil confidence of owning their thought process. Incorporating creative thinking and skills into the study environment can help students improve their career prospects by learning to identify their strengths and weaknesses and to delegate tasks. This also helps them function as a part of a group, which increases team spirit and makes their projects, learning, and work more fun and inclusive. Additionally, creative thinking fuels students to consistently look for the best solutions, alternatives, ideas, and approaches.

Need for research skills

Undertaking research in business administration is significant as it helps students comprehend and prepare a field-tested strategy for the future, in the light of what has (and has not) been tried and tested before. With adequate research skills, students can learn to avoid the pitfalls of plagiarism and failure, and pinpoint exactly what they need to do in order to become more valuable in the sea of competitors. Prospective employers prefer candidates with sound research skills, as they are more likely to learn constantly and help improve the systems and functions of various processes.

That said, there are several areas within a business environment that require research skills. For instance, research allows students to understand the viability and scope of success of a fresh idea or innovation. It reduces hazards and helps recognise risks so that one can avoid chasing dead-ends, and focus energy on advancing those items/ideas that are focused on real demand in the market.

Thus, any candidate looking to build a career in business administration should continually polish and improve their creative and research skills.

The writer is Managing Director and CEO, GIBS Business School, Bangalore

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