How to support teenagers during the board exams

Studying for long hours does not guarantee success; instead, it could cause fatigue.   | Photo Credit: Freepik

Failure is not the opposite of success, but a part of it. Considering the challenges of the pandemic, it becomes imperative that we empathise with students and help them understand that, to be successful, it is more important to enjoy the phase of board exams than to get stressed. The need of the hour is to become a learning, thinking, skilled individual who can collaborate, communicate and create, as opposed to just focus on marks.

Board exam is not a destination, but merely a phase. Ensure that students get into a healthy routine of studies backed with smart goals balanced with extracurricular activities.

Practice is key

They must solve practice papers and previous papers regularly. Being aware of and understanding the current guidelines and patterns is essential. Mind maps on various topics will come in handy during revision. Timely completion and submission of work is important as it reduces stress and builds confidence.

Study need not always be solitary. A well-planned group study has a lot of benefits as peer teaching/learning is effective and hence should be encouraged. Set realistic goals and celebrate every achievement, however small. Eventually, the focus should shift to quality of work.

Break the stereotype of being successful in terms of marks and select careers. Instead, make them understand the need for why something should be learnt. If they can relate the learning to the application in real life, then, automatically their performance will improve.

Ensure that they know that they are loved, cared for and their opinions valued irrespective of their marks. Talk about mental health and peer pressure. Reach out to support groups for counselling.

A healthy diet and sleep routine is equally important. Studying for long hours does not guarantee success; instead, it could cause fatigue. A focused approach is more beneficial; if necessary, set a time-table with a variety of subjects and timings. This will help break the monotony.

Finally, learning is a lifelong journey. It doesn’t end with marks and exams. Any roadblock should be taken as an opportunity.

The writer is Principal, Podar International School, Bengaluru

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