Prepare like a pro

Don't let the board exam prep stress you out.
Divya Tej PerieraJanuary 29, 2022 16:25 IST
Updated: February 02, 2022 20:26 IST

Focus on your mental and physical health while preparing for the Board exams

Many students are facing the challenge of studying for the Board exams during the pandemic. Therefore, it is important to be both physically and mentally fit. Here are some tips:

Prepare a goal card

An effective way to achieve a goal is to ‘Begin with the end in mind’. Preparing a goal card wires your brain towards your desired direction. Read your goal card and visualise yourself achieving the desired outcome. This will start programming your mind to take corrective actions in your studies.


Design an effective study plan

Go through the syllabus and divide subjects based on categories like memory-dependent, problem-solving assessment, and interpretation-based subjects. Include a mix of these categories in your daily schedule. Analyse your performance on a daily basis and maintain a journal to track progress. This will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses.

Take effective breaks

Enjoy the process of preparation. Schedule your breaks so that you can pursue a hobby alongside studying. Research says that your productivity increases when you do something you enjoy every day. Set aside 30 minutes daily to dance, write, sing, play an instrument, or do something that does not involve studies or the screen. Let your mind relax and detox in your free time. This will increase energy levels.

Practise focused studying

Ensure that all distractions are kept aside while studying. Limit browsing social media platforms and set a timer to use the phone. While studying, practice the SQ5R learning model, which includes Survey, Question, Read, Record, Recite, Review and Reflect. Use techniques like flashcards, flow charts, and diagrams. Solve past papers and get accustomed to the pattern. Focus on building core concepts and practise applying them.

Prioritise fitness

Many students make the mistake of studying long hours. Prioritise physical and mental health. Meditation is an effective medium to increase concentration and memory. Additionally, regular exercise, a healthy diet, sufficient water, and laughter can improve your mood and help you learn better.

Sleep well

Sleep is an effective tool to increase memory. Ensure your body and mind are relaxed before going to bed. When your mind is relaxed, it can consume and retain more information.

Positive mindset

Stress affects one’s productivity. Focus on building your strengths. Do not be too hard on yourself. Break down the difficult study areas and go easy on yourself while learning them.

The writer is the Founder, Tutrrd.