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Technology is re-writing the rules of learning.   | Photo Credit: Freepik

The pandemic has had an incredible impact on virtual working and learning. E-learning is now the only available means to learn, and the benefits of online learning will make some, if not all, of this shift, permanent. Here are four dimensions that must be developed to progress in the online learning world:

Mobile learning: Today, the smartphone has become the primary device for millions, and has become the go-to learning platform. It is also a “cheaper computer” in the hands of family members, who otherwise might not have had exclusive access to a digital device. Mobile learning has its own challenges and, therefore, requires content to be engaging and designed to be consumed in smaller and frequent bites.

Gamification and augmented learning: Facilitators have long used games in the classroom to create energy as well as implicit learning. Now, gamification and augmented learning are emerging as the key to virtual learning and are expanding the scope of education, particularly to those who would otherwise have had to go without. Gamification allows everyone to be active participants in the learning journey instead of being passive receivers of content.

Video learning: From instructional videos to video-based lectures, a lot of content is available. But, even as we consume it all, are we learning from it? One-way transmission of information does not lead to learning. It is critical to use the power of video to create a feedback loop in the form of application and recall. Interactions in the form of quizzes and assessments are the first step. What would be most effective is for the learner to have a dialogue with the teacher, even when the latter is not available in real time.

Big data: The biggest drawback of the traditional education system is that it caters to the average student. Each of us has a preference for one or two learning styles but everyone in the classroom is required to learn the same way. On the other hand, online learning can benefit from information about the learners’ aptitude and aspiration to design personalised learning experiences. What you learn and how you learn can be uniquely crafted for each learner. Online learning must be built on a foundation of big data.

Instead of a simple give and take between ‘teachers’ and ‘students’, learning will be a collaborative and fun endeavour between knowledge partners. Technology will be the key enabler of this future.

The writer is the founder and CEO, GlobalGyan Academy.

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