Prepare for uncertainties


What will the future of work look like? This question does not have a single straight-forward answer. The rise of robots or smart machines followed by the decline of full-time employment may reshape the workforce as well as the workspace. So, when the future is unknown, planning and preparing can also seem counterproductive. But budding managers can plan and prepare by studying trends and how they are likely to develop.

Develop a mindful attitude

In fact, in the current VUCA world, mindful engagement with the present context by being with one’s thoughts without being judgemental is essential. Mindfulness means maintaining an awareness of our thoughts, emotions, and surrounding environment, through a gentle, nurturing lens. This gives one the tools not only to manage personal life effectively but also enables one to be observant about impact of his/her actions on others and adopt positive solutions.

Knowledge of evolving new-age technologies

The pandemic has made technology a big part of people’s lives. New-age technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Virtual Reality and several others are rapidly reshaping both the workforce and the workspace. Thus, future managers who are able to work with these will have an advantage.

Focus on developing competencies

Now with technology ever-evolving, it is also necessary for a student’s personal progression to keep upskilling and reskilling and developing their competencies. The onus is now on future managers to invest in continuous self-development and being up to date with in-demand skills.

The primary objective of management education is to help students become entrepreneurs and efficient business professionals. For holistic development, along with learning numbers, facts, and logic, students should also focus on communication skills, team management, emotional intelligence, leveraging people’s strengths, and psychology. Flexibility and crisis management skills have gained prominence and decisive autocracy has given way to empathy and motivation. Managers have to learn how to continuously reinvent themselves and think of different ways to keep all stakeholders excited and motivated. More so, those are resilient and relate to the rapidly changing work environment are the ones who will stay relevant.

The writer is Professor, Business Communication, MDI Gurgaon

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