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Several studies have suggested that art boosts students’ performance inside and beyond the classroom.   | Photo Credit: Freepik

Traditionally, studying art meant learning how to paint or sculpt. Today, this field has adopted a wider perspective, and, especially for students, engaging in art becomes a channel to express their thoughts, ideas and emotions. It provides them with an avenue to hone various skills. Several studies have suggested that it boosts students’ performance inside and beyond the classroom. There are several ways in which studying art can improve overall development:

Enhanced creativity: Over the past few years, creativity has acquired centre stage. Irrespective of the industry or operation, companies are looking for professionals who can provide innovative solutions by tying together their out-of-the-box thinking and technical skills. When students learn art, they open their minds to creative thinking, learn to express themselves in different ways and styles, and offer fresh perspectives.

Encourages problem-solving: During most art lessons, students are presented with a broad outline or abstract concept, and they have to come up with something definite. For instance, in creative writing classes, a storyline is presented. Based on it, students need to develop characters that co-exist but are differentiated. In sculpting lessons, a block of clay is given, and they have to create sculptures depicting specific traits. Exposure to such challenges helps develop problem-solving ability. They learn to amylase each situation from a different angle.

Improved communication skills: Expressing our thoughts with clarity requires well-developed interpersonal skills. Art is a beautiful way of voicing one’s ideas through their work. While studying art, students learn how to convey a message. Their minds are not clouded by the multiplicity of ideas. Art students can easily single out their thoughts, compartmentalise them and give them a voice without distorting the cardinal message. In today’s world, communication is the most sought after skill. By encouraging a student to learn art, parents can help young ones be future-ready.

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