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Hate crime is more open now

As the U.S. comes to terms with shooting of the Indian techie Srinivas Kuchibhotla in Kansas, the question arises: is U.S. still a safe place to study? Students from across the U.S. voice their thoughts on hate crimes against the community.

Anusha Shankar, Stony Brook University

It’s sad to hear of shootings anywhere. But the potential of it being racially motivated is upsetting. It seems like it could happen anywhere and to anyone. There is a sense that there is hatred brewing, and that it is indiscriminate. As a scientist, I was more worried by this government would attack the environment. But with the travel ban and the shooting, the list of things to worry about seems endless.

Hate crime is more open now

Pratik Kumar, Stony Brook University

The incident is extremely unfortunate, but I don’t think it reflects that the US is not a safe country for Indians anymore. The current political climate is certainly a cause for worry to many of my international friends, but I personally haven’t felt the need to censor my activities or live differently. Many foreigners in India have had to face adverse situations and that certainly doesn’t make India unsafe either.

Aravind Ramachandran, North Carolina State University

It hits close to home when an Indian becomes the victim of a racially-motivated crime. I hope the present racial climate in the United States, that appears to condone intolerance and animosity, gets nipped in the bud. Personally, I don’t feel unsafe where I live and am thankful for that.

Hate crime is more open now

Khuê Bùi, University of California, Irvine

I found the recent news distressing, frightening and sad.

It’s a painful reminder that as Asian Americans (who often get stereotyped as rich), we are constant victims of xenophobic violence, and unfortunately, this time, it was fatal.

This is a serious threat to all people in the USA.

Janani Venkateswaran, University of California, Irvine

There is this ‘model minority’ myth that anyone who is Asian is considered as the “ideal immigrant” due to their supposed “high intellectual capabilities”. However, racism is still prevalent in America and more visible now. I have been discriminated against because of my skin. Racism is very real and always has been. Only now, it is being expressed more openly and violently.

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