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What’s your direction? Track your graph

What’s your direction? Track your graph  


We are the lucky race that is constantly evolving

In life, there’s a constant interplay between reaching and journeying. The yearning for movement that lingers after a long-traversed journey is indicative of the human need to be ‘in process’. To me, this unfaltering state signals our continuous ‘becoming’. An instance: I have a framework of an idea for this article, yet as I pen it down I am becoming sharper around the idea and perhaps, a better writer of it than an hour before.

Becoming or being in process is an encouraging view of our natural propensity to evolve. It’s a state of consciousness where realities continue to emerge on a track parallel to what has already emerged. Back in elementary School, grammar taught us that the present tense has two components — the present and the present continuous. While the usage led to different constructs, the present continuous fully included the present; it connected the present to infinity. In much the same way, being ‘clear about life’ while continuing to derive ‘clarity’ about life, goals or relationships simplifies this co-existence in the context of life.

Real life example

The inimitable Virat Kohli became the National team Captain in 2014, yet to this day the process of his becoming more Captain-like, becoming a respected sportsman and journeying forward in his potential, is visible to us. He had earned his Captaincy deservingly, yet, to become the Captain of his own potential, to retain the title, to better his best, he has to strive and raise the bar continuously. Becoming a better Captain is a striving entirely of his bidding, and as is evident in his case, demands complete participation and ownership.

This example offers some interconnected strands of insight:

A fulfilled dream is a reward of hard work;

To continue to live the dream and chase excellence one has to yearn incremental growth,

Continued striving is a choice; once owned it keeps one connected to their evolving potential.

Potential is not stagnant; it is dynamic and developing every minute

This understanding can change the very nature of how we connect to our present and future. As you understand the potential of your becoming-ness, you can grow an undefeatable attitude to life. As you accept the emergent nature of the self, you may even experience a shift in the ratio of ‘what you are now’ v/s ‘what your are becoming’. And when the ratio tilts in favour of the latter, you will experience moments of intense hope and fulfilment. You will be brimming with potential.

The phrase “Never Say Never” exemplifies this confidence of growth and of the truth that titles, definitions, failures and accolades are impermanent. The simple phrase negates existing status, especially failure; a statement of intent where what matters is what you are fuelling, where you are headed and how you are championing your progress.

As author James Clear says, “it is about the cycle of endless refinement and continuous improvement. It is about your commitment to the process that will determine your progress”. Participation in our present-continuous fosters this commitment and our ownership of it.

The writer is a life coach, blogger and writer who simplifies the patterns and archetypes she encounters at work and in life.

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