Combat climate change through education

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Climate change is going to pose a serious threat to lives and livelihoods in the coming decades. Rising temperatures will lead to widespread heat stress, which will increase susceptibility to diseases, ruin farms, impact human longevity ... all of which will make it even more challenging to recover from the consequences of environmental disasters.

In this war against climate change, education is essential sword. What we need are cities that create HOPE (Help Our Planet Everyday). The more they know about climate change, the more the youth will adapt their behaviour to combat this global emergency and develop a sensitivity to their surroundings.

Start young

Making climate change an integral part of the course curriculum will help develop a culture of caring and may lead to reduced use of plastic and lower carbon footprints. Students can also be educated and trained on the need to spread awareness about reducing greenhouse gas emissions and formulating effective strategies for sustainable growth. Climate change education must be integrated into the course curriculum of all subjects at all grades. It must be part of the syllabus of every stream, as the solutions are multidisciplinary.

Educating the next generation about the extreme effects of floods, rising sea levels, increased problems of malnutrition, and ill-effects of water-borne diseases is essential. This will help them understand how their behaviour impacts the climate and help them devise new approaches to address the issue. Architecture and urbanism also need to take a more ambitious approach to humanise our living environment.

Preparing young entrepreneurs

While the government might impose strict regulations or incentivise businesses working in the direction of environmental sustainability, only entrepreneurs can come up with innovative techniques to produce environmentally sustainable products. Start-ups and entrepreneurs can bring a paradigm shift in the growth of the market. The process of preparing such vibrant entrepreneurs must start right at school.

Environmental sustainability is not just a new corporate buzzword but also a necessity for the planet. Thus, students must be encouraged to pick environmental careers as their options for a high social impact. Fuelling interest in green jobs, right from the beginning, is imperative for a sustainable environment.

Entrepreneurship is needed to advance sustainable development initiatives, phase out fossil fuels, and increase the use of alternative energy. With so many opportunities, there are many green jobs to find solutions to environmental issues such as monitoring pollution and protecting ecosystems. Besides these are career opportunities in sustainable agriculture that focus on soil cultivation, harvesting, optimising food production, and improvising the sustainability of crops. This is how we begin to transform our world for a better future.

The writer is Founder, We The Planet

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