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Before cloud computing, mobile apps, Artificial Intelligence (AL) and Machine Learning (ML), human resource functions were defined by tedious and repetitive tasks.

These technologies have simplified the life of the HR practitioner. The monotonous and time-consuming tasks are now managed by these smart technologies, giving these professionals ample time to focus on more meaningful activities.

Even in these activities, HR practitioners receive support from these technologies. For example, HR managers can count on real-time data to measure employee engagement, identify problem areas, and predict workforce trends with the help of AI and ML. AI can break down and transform data into a format that is easy to interpret; ML, on the other hand, is an advanced form of AI that scans data to identify patterns and modifies programme actions appropriately.

Here are some of the applications of AI and ML in human resource management.

Training process

To manage a multi-generational workforce, HR leaders are adopting modern-day training methodologies to accommodate different learning styles for different individuals. AI and ML algorithms offer suggestions by examining the useful employee data thereby making training programmes more rewarding and effective for employees.

Appraisal process

It is at the time of performance appraisals that HR managers face a major challenge — that is, to remain unbiased. The new AI and ML methods of evaluating an individual are designed in such a way as to go beyond spreadsheets and carry out employee assessments via regular, unprejudiced performance appraisals. Similarly, this technology can be used to evaluate the correct career path of employees and prepare them for future career advancement.

Recruitment process

AI and ML have optimised every stage of the recruitment process by equipping HR leaders with personalised research tools to pick out the finest talent in the industry. There are tracking software in the market that can spare a HR practitioner the trouble of going through countless resumes. These tools reduce vagueness and blunders in the recruitment process.

Enhanced prediction models

AI and ML with their set algorithm patterns have the potential to understand an organisation better— be it calculating the future ROI, regularly checking on the engagement levels with the employees, problems related to project completion and other glitches that would normally take years to come into sight can easily be predicted well in advance.

Clearly, AI and ML are two essential technologies that will help organisations drive decision-making and people management effectively. Organisations that are slow in adopting these new opportunities will soon find themselves at a competitive disadvantage while those using them successfully will flourish.

(Murali Padmanabhan is Senior Vice-President and India Head — Talent Management at Virtusa Corporation)

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