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Your future is in the present

This week’s sharing is inspired by a comic strip, which captures the way we think, with a powerful set of images. The strip shows a man digging huge pits around his house, beginning when the sun rises and toiling till the sun sets. The narrative goes on to show a neighbour across the fence asking the man if he has found his pot of gold. He replies in the negative and goes back into the house. We are told that the same story has been repeating itself for decades. The last strip is of the man sleeping, and under his bed, is an image of a chipped pot filled to the brim with gold coins! What better visual metaphor to show us how we might be missing the treasure right within our reach, while under the illusion that opportunities lie elsewhere.

All of us, in some manner, have been in or are currently in similar situations. Many years ago, I had the privilege of interacting with Sonia (name changed), a high school student who was going through a difficult period. Having had to move to a new school coupled with not getting the course of her choice, was making her rebel and challenge the authority of the school in many ways. She was so caught up in what she felt she had lost outside that it had blinded her from seeing all the potential in her current environment. With the help of her teachers and classmates, Sonia learnt to use the resources in school to complete her study with a grade that secured her a place in the course of her choice. She also found that wonderful network of friends who helped her through her journey.

One of the most inspiring stories of someone who found strength in his adversity is Nelson Mandela. For almost three decades, his life was spent in prison and many of those periods involved solitary confinement. What he found within those prison walls was the ability to tap into the rich reservoir of inner strength that gave him true strength, dignity and reliance to steer South Africa towards freedom from Apartheid. Instead of allowing himself to descend into bitterness and hate, Mandela used the confinement to find the treasures within him, a journey that would help him in his role as a peacemaker.

Challenging situation

The ability to see the gifts that are presented to us in any situation we are in, is definitely empowering. If you are currently in a job or course of study that you do not like, then use it as an opportunity to completely accept the situation. When we stop fighting against it, then we are able to see clearly the course of action we need to take. Else we will be always taking the next course of action feeling that everything will be better out there, and find ourselves repeating the same pattern. The situations that we are not comfortable with are a perfect opportunity for us to honestly look within ourselves and assess our own strengths and challenges.

The land of opportunity is wherever you are, at present. Every situation is a learning lesson in the curriculum of your life. The treasure you are searching for is perhaps closer than you can perceive! As a wise man once said, the grass is always greener on the other side, but watch out, it maybe fake!

Enjoy your journey!

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