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Customers are the heart of any organisation. Therefore, companies need to analyse customer preferences, requirements, and behaviour and gather data on the same. With each enterprise having several customers, there would naturally be vast amounts of customer data to be studied. This is where Consumer Insights Analysts (CIAs) become integral and, in today’s technology-centric world, they need to be digitally savvy to make sense of vast quantities of data collected constantly.

The interpretations and findings that the CIAs make will lay the foundation for a business model and allow the enterprise to cater to customer requirements. While the compensation is good, the job involves high stakes and considerable pressure. Companies tend to follow a rigorous interview process to select the right person. CIAs are sought after especially in sectors such as FMCG, BFSI, Technology, etc. However, there are certain aspects to bear in mind while considering a career as a CIA. Let’s take a look at the responsibilities that come with the job and the skills required in this field.

What does a CIA do?

Collects and analyses customer data from a wide range of sources and reports their findings to the decision-makers to help build a strong business model

Creates customer propensity analysis reports and leverages this information to drive efficient marketing strategies

Manages the quality and quantity of consumer data being gathered

Offers insights and advice on technological tools and software and utilises them to drive business

Designs company-wide strategic data transformation plans and updates the overall framework regularly

To do this, CIAs have to stay updated with the skill sets that the job demands. Constant upskilling and reskilling are, therefore, crucial.

New-age technical skills

Since the focus is on data analysis, numerical and statistical skills are very importantly. Given that the world now revolves around technology, CIAs should know how to implement these skills on digital platforms and to use cutting-edge technology in the field.

Flexibility and problem-solving capabilities

A CIA has to be adept at problem-solving, applying innovative and analytical methods to resolve issues. Apart from thinking on one’s feet, he/she should know when and how to use the skill sets.

Customer-centric approach

CIAs should put themselves in the place of their company’s target customers in order to understand the pros and cons of existing products/services and suggest appropriate solutions and strategies that will address customers’ pain points and cater to their needs.

Highly skilled CIAs are now some of the most sought-after professionals in the job market. With the right training and upskilling, one can play a crucial role in helping enterprises expand their customer base and improve customer retention through streamlined, innovative, and dynamic methods.

The writer is Founder of Imarticus Learning

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